2nd Edition
13 May and 14 May 2017

Outlive your creativity
and climb to the top


Most certainly you spend your days carelessly, without thinking about potential threats and risks around you. When something unexpected and unpleasant happens to you, you start thinking and looking for a way to minimize your burden, make it less stressful for you and simply be more secure. Zavarovalnica Triglav is by your side exactly for such cases. Cases, which do not cross your mind every day. But when you face theft, hail, sports injuries….it's really important to have a reliable partner.
But let`s go a step further. Imagine what kind of opportunities new digital era brings to insurance industry… What if you could do everything in an entirely new and different way?
Did you ever think that you could participate and be a part of innovations in Zavarovalnica Triglav? Or maybe you already know what and how you would change if you only had access to it?

Finally, this is your chance to shine!

The Challenge that you will be hacking this time is “Development of digital insurance product prototype “

We are looking for creative and innovative solutions for the application's look and feel, strong focus on user and customer experience and agile and efficient core processes support.

We dont want business plans, we want Apps!

How will digital innovations change insurance industry? How new technologies will shape consumers’ expectations? How to make digital consumer experience easy to understand, friendly and intuitive? What will the future sales processes and applications look like?
We know, at this point, you simply can`t wait to show and share your ideas with us!

So you still have some questions to which we have answers?

When: 13. and 14. May 2017
Where: ABC Hub, ground floor of Emporium, BTC Ljubljana
Who: among all registered people, we will choose 80 participants

Triglav hacking marathon will last for 2 days, which is a looooot of time for you to show your creativity and ideas and also to predict the future trends of the new era of digital insurance. Now you have a brilliant chance to develop and present your innovative ideas to the world.

10.000,00 € rewards

For the best teams Zavarovalnica Triglav has prepared attractive monetary rewards of 10.000,00 EUR.

Top three teams will receive prizes of:
- 1st place: 5.000,00 €
- 2nd place: 3.500,00 €
- 3rd place: 1.500,00 €.

Monetary rewards will be transferred directly to accounts of individual team members.

So now it`s the moment when you're probably wondering how to apply!
You will find an online application on the internet page that you need to fill out.
Encourage your friends, colleagues and family members as well, so that they join you on this exciting and unforgettable journey.

Application process is open till 11 May 2017, till 12:00

Hurry, let’ make the step forward together!
“Now let’s hack things!”