A new generation of innovative startups with high growth potential has joined ABC Accelerator’s family. The global accelerator welcomed the participants of its sixth cohort at the three-month acceleration program kickoff in Ljubljana this Monday.


After a lengthy selection process, ABC Accelerator proudly presents its sixth batch of startups participating in its flagship acceleration program. Over 800 startups from all over the world were considered, with 125 making it to the live and video interview stage. A lively deliberation panel including in-house investors, tech experts, and lead mentors finally decided on the five excellent growth-stage startups that will be accelerating their growth with ABC in the next three months.

ABC Accelerator’s Deep Tech acceleration program kicked off Monday morning with an opening pep talk by founder and CEO Dejan Roljič on the importance of fast growth in the world of venture capital. The newcomers got a chance to meet and greet with the ABC team and in-house investors before diving deep into the first 1-on-1 consultations.

This edition of the acceleration program marks a change of direction compared to previous programs, as it will be the first to implement several significant changes in ABC’s acceleration formula. “To facilitate a highly tailored and individual approach, the number of selected startups has been reduced as we shift focus from quantity to quality,” explains co-founder and Managing Director of ABC Accelerator Slovenia, Urška Jež. “Participating startups will also be sent to our Silicon Valley offices for one month as part of the program, giving them an unprecedented opportunity for global expansion or additional funding rounds.”

ABC Accelerator’s family has welcomed new members Beeping.si, KraftPal, and Panorganic from Slovenia, Croatian GetIzzy, and Holoroad from Poland into its fold. The five selected startups are distinguished by substantial monthly revenues and a high potential for scalability. Their unique technological solutions will benefit from an intense program focused on using data-driven methodologies to boost growth, expand to new markets and segments, and make better business decisions. Great emphasis will continue to be placed on perfecting the art of the pitch and fostering relations with investors and strategic partners.

“We hope it’s the start of an amazing adventure for us," says Michał Barabanow of Holoroad

Photo: Siniša Kanižaj, ABC Accelerator

While there are only five teams participating, each of them is part of a different industry and faces their own set of challenges. “We’re based in Slovenia, but we are opening a new facility in Austria soon,” says Mario Kurtović, CEO of Panorganic. “We hope to reach a bigger market and maybe even expand to the US.”

“We’re looking forward to being a part of the ABC family and meeting a lot of cool people, networking with investors, and making a rocket ship out of our business!” says David Mohar, co-founder of Beeping.si. “We want to get as many slaps and punches as possible, and gain feedback from people with skills, knowledge and experience in scaling.”

“We want to build a great business model and the best way to commercialize our product,” says Artur Stoppa, CEO of HoloRoad. Co-founder Michał Barabanow adds, “We hope it’s the start of an amazing adventure for us!”

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