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ABC Accelerator ignites its third program, Commercial Tech
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Ljubljana, Slovenia — A number of changes are unfolding in ABC Accelerator these days, as the intense 6-month program, Smart Living & Health, comes to an end. After the successful Demo Days, when over 150 investors saw our startups pitch, the teams are spreading their wings and taking off from ABC’s nest. Once again, the group of ABC Alumni will grow larger as it’s joined by 10 excellent startups already making waves in Slovenia and globally.

At the same time, the ABC Accelerator team prepares to accept the next group of startups into its third program – Commercial Tech. The crown jewel of ABC’s programs, it will give startups the unique opportunity to benefit and synergize with ABC’s main competitive advantage – a tight partnership with BTC City, the SEE region’s largest commercial and logistics centre. BTC City is home to over 4500 companies and is visited by 21 million shoppers each year, making it the perfect space for startups to test their products and find their first key customers.

The call received around 360 applications until its deadline on March 15th, 2016. In the year since it started operating, word about the ABC Accelerator has spread over six continents. Beside startups from Europe, companies applied from countries including Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

The selection process went on for more than three weeks. After all the applications were processed, a selection of 30 startups made it to the final round. Those chosen were interviewed by ABC’s selection committee, which was made up of ABC team members, our in-house investors, and industry professionals working with ABC as mentors. Based on the pitches and interviews, 10 of the very best startups were invited to join ABC’s Commercial Tech program starting on April 1st, 2016.

Once again, we’ve got a very international group of startups on our hands. For the first time, startups from outside of Europe made it into an ABC acceleration program. Among the nationalities of those coming to Ljubljana in April are French, Mexican, Serbian, Italian, Romanian and Ukrainian.

In line with »Commercial Tech«’s broad meaning, the selected startups are developing a range of different products – from a smart city governance platform, to a container freight booking platform. It certainly seems like we’ve got a very interesting generation of startups on our hands – one that will undoubtedly reach for the stars! Here they are, the gloriuos 10:

45HC (Slovenia) is simple to use online booking tool with superb unique features for clients. It allows them to book their container FOB shipments under 60 seconds.

They can place booking among different carriers and have also insurance option on same page. is the first logistic and e-logist ic company who is Invoicing clients rates which are valid on day of departure, not ones at booking procedure. In average clients saved 32% of shipping costs because of this feature.

ALIANGEL (Italy/Taiwan)

Aliangel finds you your ideal suppliers – quick.

Are you a micro-enterprise or retail shop? Have you ever felt tired and frustrated while searching Chinese suppliers?

Aliangel is the new solution of smart B2B sourcing, gives you a competitive price edge, and wholly simplifies your China sourcing process into just a few minutes.

Bubbles Chat (France)

Bubbles is a location-based messaging app that allows users to chat with anyone around them. People, local groups, and communities but also local stores, shops, pop-up stores, and event organizers can all chat together in their immediate area. It aims at putting people from the same neighbourhood in touch with each other and to stimulate the local economy through conversational commerce.


Targeted at the frequent business traveller, Facebooking breaks the mundane hotel room and personalises every stay. The site functions on a reverse auction system, where hotels bid their services to the traveller, and so their offers are more than cost-competitive.

Travel with facebooking, and feel at home – anywhere!

FruttaWeb (Italy)

FruttaWeb is the e-commerce platform for superfast delivery of fresh, usually organic, seasonal fruit directly to your doorstep. With more than 8000 customers served and over 100.000 products sold, FruttaWeb is now starting their scaleup across Europe.


Paperleap is a collaborative tool helping researchers publish, search, and share Calls for Papers for academic conferences and scientific journals all over the world.

They are helping the scientific progress of humanity, one paper at a time!

SmartIS City (Slovenia)

Empowering City Managers and Citizens, The SmartCityPlatform connects all the core elements of a successfully managed city. It allows the SmartMayor to manage urban development, socio-economic development, and technological development of the city, measuring and reporting progress in real time.


Ecommerce is competitive and fast growing industry with huge issue – 97.7% of visitors do not buy. Only 2.3% average conversion rate in fashion and apparel.

Providing a tool that analyses and reacts to the customer’s behaviour in real time – the Violanto API dynamically changes the storefront, product position and details, messaging, and even prices to reflect customer needs. Their customers see increased conversions, loyalty, stickiness, and repeated sales.

WESHARE (India/France)

WeShare aims to become the ultimate peer to peer sharing marketplace, moving beyond homes, cars, and simple tasks.

With a single profile, individuals can share anything – from the usual stuff to products and skills, photos and videos, thoughts and reviews, and they can make money while using a social sharing experience.


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