Written by: Symvaro

Everything is changing – that`s the right description what we are learning new, every week at the ABC Accelerator.
So this week we had a very interesting lecture with Barbara Bregar-Mrzlikar, CEO of CEED Slovenja. She told us that every Company has 4 typical individuals.

These four individuals are:

  • E – stands for Entrepreneur
    The entrepreneur is the captain in a company. He gives the right direction and looks into the future what will be and what is important for the business. An Entrepreneur tells the story of your business and has creative visions.
  • P – stands for Production
    The production type stands for a short impulse. He is thinking in a shorter way. The most important thing for this character is to aim his goals in a very short time and efficiently. He always make pressure to everybody for reaching the goals and make them clear.
  • A – stands for Organize
    The organize type stands for the correctness in the company. He is always well organized and brings a system in the chaos. So it`s the most important role in a company. Without a strong A your company will go into chaos.
  • I – stands for Integration
    The integration type stands for the good vibrations in the company. He always wants to help his teammates because of his social touch and his helper syndrome. He is a loyal and very sensible part at the company. So never start a fight with this typ.

I am sure that one of the others will find themselves in one of these characters. If not, just try it out by yourself and think what character you are.

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