Today, we are 6!
We are a year older, a year wiser, a year stronger! With 250+ startups accelerated from 30 countries, 2 awards for best accelerator in the region, a VestBee accelerator of the month award and a couple of unicorns released to the world, it is time to start up again as we shift gears and accelerate to our 7th year with fresh new ideas in mind.

As we look back at all the startups that we have encouraged and supported over the years, we stand proud. Proud of our people, proud of the teamwork, proud of the success! 

Sure, shifting gears hasn’t always been easy, and we had to change and adapt, but in the long run this has helped us grow better and smarter. And as we graduate from our first virtual year, we are happy to say that the gloomy winter in the dragon city hasn’t stopped us. We kept spinning the wheel, pushing the boundaries and making things possible for many new faces, helping them shine.

As the spring gets closer, and our winter birds fly into the world, we look forward to welcoming a new sunny generation of startups in the #13 Batch. We can’t wait to accelerate all those out-of-this-world solutions and help them find their way to the public. 

In the last year, 25 startups have gone through ABC Accelerator and 6 of them have raised 4.8 million euros of investments. 

And more so than ever before our focus throughout the pandemic has been on flexibility, creativity and finding innovative ways to help our startups keep going and developing those new, cutting-edge solutions. 

We are also happy to add that despite this demanding situation we are all in, we are still able to introduce talent to European startup scene and help accelerate the society and business to the new stage of development. 

Our biggest success stories in the last couple of years are moving limits on their journey to success. Soplaya’s online food market is blooming, Chess universe had a remarkable gambit and 3minutesjob has brought a revolution of employment in just 3 minutes. Videobolt is simplifying video making with the help of professional designers and AppRay’s technology was acquired by corporate GuardSquare.
Also, Flexkeeping and Beeping have broken through Covid-19 lock down early on, and expanded to international markets. 

Despite closing the bars and cafes, one of our startups – Cafelier won the gold award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for their innovative coffee machine cleaning devices, we guess people take their coffee seriously even when working from home. 

Of course, this all wouldn’t be possible without our biggest ally – BTC and our other partners like Insurance company Triglav, Telekom Slovenia, Petrol energy and who have recognized the value that we bring to the table and keep supporting our mission.
We owe these guys a very big THANK YOU!

In anticipation of fully opening the doors of our twice awarded co-working space again – ABC Hub in BTC City, we remain at distance or digital (as safety always comes first) and virtually encourage and follow the progress of our startup and alumnis.  

Join us at ABC Accelerator for some more exciting news from the world of innovation.

If you’d like to take a part in our program and increase your chances for success, apply now!



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