I´ve heard that most of the writers when they have “writers block”, they drink whiskey and some other happy beverages. Neat. On rocks. Or whatever else. I, myself, don´t have writer´s block but I have a need for a drink. So I´ve made myself some freshly squeezed orange juice without pulp. Because I am boring, that´s why! A long week is behind us and we need to pull our strengths and vitamins together. We have 3 major events coming up that we have to coordinate. Well two, because Podim took place on the previous week (May 13th), but Expo in Milan is coming, and it will take place on 16th of June, and of course the DDDDD Day coming up (trying to sound a bit dramatic here, hope you got the feeling). Expo 2015 is actually quite amazing, but I will write more about it in my next post, but now, let me tell you a word or two about the Podim Conference.

I have actually never been on a Conference of such a genre, if I may put it that way, so this was a quite a neat experience. First I had totally overdressed for the event, so I had to change on the parking lot. Classy. I was super overloaded with photo equipment because I wanted to capture everything, so that added to the overall look. But as I was entering the Entrepreneur Mecca, I couldn´t help but notice how big this ecosystem is, and my silly little problems disappeared. As if I entered the world´s best kept secret.

Suits running around and the ladies with the perfectly styled outfits complimenting the place. We were running a bit late but we were just on time for the opening. One of the first keynote speaker was Mike Edelhart, and as I was trying to find my place he said:

“Let me tell you something I tell all my students when they say they want to become entrepreneurs: Don´t! You will almost never see your family, you will be misunderstood and money will not come easy! If you want to get rich, get a government job! Don´t become an entrepreneur, unless you really, really, really want to!”

Well that settles it. I am on my way! But before I made the big dramatic exit, I stayed in for some really good insights, and the most important one was kind of my mantra: “love matters! Whatever you do, do it out of love! Or don´t do it at all”. I think these people are well aware of that, since we are talking about a 12+ hour work day so you really have to be all in.

ABC accelerator team

The overall experience was great, I really enjoyed the workshops, power talks, competition.  The funny thing happened when our CEO Dejan was approached by one of the investors: “You guys are like everywhere! Every time I go somewhere all I can hear is: ABC this and ABC that”. Yeah, we pretty much covered the place. We were ready, steady, go! Out startups were introduced to several influential investors.  I got introduced to several influential speakers and subjects I am not that familiar with, for instance, corporate entrepreneurship. ABC held a PODIM follow-up event where we hosted Dominic Coryell, Soso Sazesh, and Tristan Pollock. As always, I had my camera with me, so I started shooting at the right place at the right time:


As Soso said, we hustle. Our startups hustle. So it´s only normal to take a few seconds off. I told them to send me their PODIM selfies. This is what I received:


As promised, I am also presenting you the rest four teams (in gif), and our super woman Urška, bringing in some McDonalds goodies. In loop. Forever.  And ever.


See you next time!


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