ABC hackathon “Cultural adventure at your fingertips”

Written by Spela

There’s a day we all look forward to – the day of ABC hackathon! This truly is a hackathon in the best meaning of the word, where the participants of this two-day competition solve challenges in groups.

The next hackathon called Cultural adventure at your fingertips (Kulturna pustolovščina na dlani) is just around the corner: at the end of the month, 29th and 30th September.

This time the challenges will be on topics in the frame of “Cultural adventure within reach” which combines many different aspects of cultural heritage, tourism and publicly accessible data.

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Fact: Traveling can improve problem-solving skills and endorse creativity.

We all travel, some of us more and some less. Anyone who has ever travelled has most probably experienced a sudden change in plans and the stress that comes with it. Sometimes this can be manifested in simple things, such as waiting in the never-ending line at the museum or searching for sights, but running in circles. At those exact moments our brains are actively searching for a solution. How many can one come to think of? How many suggestions for organisations, cities or programmers can one get in moments like these?

Have you ever wondered if you could influence Slovenian tourism – and its rich cultural heritage – and make it more accessible to tourists and locals alike? Then this hackathon is the right opportunity for you and for all innovators who would like to gain an in-depth experience of cultural heritage. We offer you the opportunity to train your brain cells and present us with better solutions, more successful applications and the best adventure on the next trip around Slovenia!

Maybe it is going to be the result of your endeavours that Slovenia will rank higher on “top ten countries you have to visit” lists next year.

Join the adventure!

Slovenia faces the same challenge as many other countries – how to use the innovations of digitalization in the real world and how to incorporate them in the fields of cultural heritage and tourism.  In this context, there are two relevant points to be made; the first  touches upon the fact that countries have an enormous amount of data accessible to them, but choose not to use it, and the second point is that generally all touristic agencies experience the downside in the low season – especially the unconventional destinations.

In accordance with the abovementioned thoughts, we have designed 3 concrete challenges to which the competitors will search for answers and find solutions:

Challenge 1: How to connect different heritages, especially digital ones, and how to include those that are less known to the general public?

Challenge 2: How to connect heritage and gastronomy?

Challenge 3: How to connect the heritage on international lists (like Unesco, and European heritage) with local sights?

All of the competing parties will be rewarded with practical gifts, but the best three with winning ideas (chosen by a committee) will get a cash prize:

First prize: 2.500 EUR

Second prize: 1.500 EUR

Third prize: 1.000 EUR

At the same time, the best teams will be given a chance to present their ideas and solutions in Portorož 9th and 10th October 2018.

Hackathon will be organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Slovene tourist agency and Ministry of Public Administration with technological partners: Microsoft, IBM, Comtrade, GDi Slovenija, XLAB and Oracle.

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