To prepare for the hackathon:
  •  Register online (free)
  •  Plan your project
  •  Learn about BCI system resources (see table below)




* contact Narisa Chu ( ) for more information


* contact Narisa Chu ( ) for more information

Virtual Reality:




* Registered teams who wish to use Qusp’s NeuroPype or NeuroScale software for their projects can request access to the software and documentation by emailing Please include “Budapest Hackathon” in the subject line along with your team/individual name, project concept, and a contact name/email.


A comprehensive video lecture series on Brain-Computer Interface Design is provided here. This also overviews the open-source BCILAB and the Lab Streaming Layer, which are available for participants’ use.

Other information:

Vizzario’s platform and equipment at the Budapest Hackathon will be focused on Vision and its role in the Brain-Machine Interface. Specifically, we will be exploring techniques to derive insights from the unique relationship between the eye and brain. These techniques will involve the use of Vizzario’s Sensory Data Exchange Platform (SDEP), Virtual Reality Headsets and Virtual Reality SDKs.

Software and NeuroScale cloud APIs provided by Qusp will enable participants to rapidly explore integration of neurotechnology into mobile, PC, and web-based apps and games (including AR/VR), robotic systems, and the Internet of Things.

In addition, please note:

  • Hardware access will be limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own preferred hardware as well.
  • NeuroPype, free community edition available on-line
  • NeuroScale cloud access free for Hackathon participants
  • Tutorials of Vizzario SDEP, NeuroPype, LSL, OculusSDK, HTCVive SDK, AWS, GCP, and BCILab available on-line andsummary talk given at beginning of the Hackathon.
  • Sample data sets for each hardware device available 2 weeksin advance.
  • Platform instructor’s assistance standby during Hackathon
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