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The call for the 2nd CAB (Crossborder acceleration bridge) has closed on 25 January 2019. Out of the applied, the following 6 companies have fit the criteria and been invited to participate in the 3+3 months program under Interreg ITA-SLO after completing the form for the call on the f6s platform. Gambit trade d.o.o. (enaA) […]

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Starting up in Slovenia

When approaching Slovenes, you can easily identify the common adjective by which they identify their country – small. But from the business perspective: this is not a bad thing, especially for start-up companies, and many would agree. Slovenia is the best market for your product, it is one of the best places to develop it, […]

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INNOtalks: Success of the start-up that bets on the value of craft and wood

Rimarket, a Slovenian start-up, has successfully launched Froc, an innovative kid’s chair. Rimarket is one of the accelerated companies that have found its fortune in ABC Accelerator. Its director Matej Košir had decided against taking over the family business and took a study loan in order to start his own company and launch the product. […]

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The ABCs of acceleration

While business acceleration is a modern term, it has existed in various forms since the dawn of trade. In the last decades, it has gained significant momentum, due to the age we live in offering many young entrepreneurs the chance to start and scale their business ideas, at an unprecedented level. In order to explain […]

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Startup Roles II – What even is a startup CMO?

We continue our explorations of roles & responsibilities. Previously we explored the role of CTO within young startups. Today startup CMO’s came into our figurative crosshairs. Do you even need a marketing officer? Well, by now you probably know what we’re going to say. That’s right, it depends! For most we recommend hiring a marketing […]

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ABC Accelerator Don't give up your day job

Relevancy of the idiom Don’t give up your day job from the start-up perspective.

There’s a point in life, which only some get to experience. A point of clarity through the fog. You see a market and find a problem within it. More than that, you can in fact, solve the problem yourself. Those of you who’ve experienced this feeling, and went on to try our hand at making […]

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You’ve just become a startup CTO, here’s what you need to know

A startups life can be chaotic even at the best of time, and the lack of a proper definition of roles & responsibilities, such as the title of startup CTO, can make the job that much harder. Most startups give their founding members C-level titles, which those members have never held before. This can cause […]

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Everything you need to know as a product startup: answered by an e-commerce investor

Venture capital investments in startups are still on the rise, leading up to $84.1 billion in the Q3 in the USA alone. The industry shows us the potential to raise money not only through the venture capital, but numerous opportunities showcased across the world. In Europe specifically there is a range of options from EU […]

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Year in review – thinking about joining #8 BATCH – 2019?

One of the greatest and most influential thinkers of all times, Aristotle, wrote: “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” It might be unusual to start one’s article on start-up business with a quote by an […]

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The benefits of corporate partnerships with startups and scale-ups

Every year more corporations are establishing new initiatives aimed at potential partnerships with startups. These provide them with an increased ability to innovate and work with emerging technologies while providing the startups with access to infrastructure, funding, industry experts and market access. However, while the benefits of such partnerships are numerous, most do not come […]

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