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Year in review – thinking about joining #8 BATCH – 2019?

One of the greatest and most influential thinkers of all times, Aristotle, wrote: “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” It might be unusual to start one’s article on start-up business with a quote by an […]

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The benefits of corporate partnerships with startups and scale-ups

Every year more corporations are establishing new initiatives aimed at potential partnerships with startups. These provide them with an increased ability to innovate and work with emerging technologies while providing the startups with access to infrastructure, funding, industry experts and market access. However, while the benefits of such partnerships are numerous, most do not come […]

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ABC Accelerator’s mission is to empower start-ups by removing obstacles on their path to growth. Because we deal with an ever-increasing number of start-ups, we would like to strengthen our mentoring squad, maintaining our quality. A Mentor, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is an experienced and trusted adviser. Some studies of SME’s have shown that only 22% of entrepreneurs […]

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INNOtalks: A business idea sprouts from sleepless summer nights

Rok Colarič, economist and founder of the Sleepy Bottle start-up, turned sleepless nights to his advantage by creating a new business idea out of the experience. Three years after the initial concept, there are 3000 innovative bottles on their way to the market. These bottles are able to prepare baby formula in a matter of […]

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A startup’s life can be messy, and you may not always know where you’ll end up. Just a few years ago, if you were in the IoT sector, there was a good chance you were in for the ride of your life. Nowadays, that wave is in decline and is giving place to new technologies, […]

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The start of ABC Accelerator’s CAB program for Italian and Slovenian start-ups

Cross-border Acceleration Bridge – CAB program – is a program for start-up companies that is mentored by other successful companies in Slovenian-Italian partnership. The program is financed by Interreg Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 and its aim is to support innovation and growth of start-ups in the Italian and Slovenian regions. The leading partner in the program is […]

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Blockchain and New Transactions – with Energy Thermostats Somewhere in Between

Following this summer’s climax of the ARISE Venture Programme – run by EIT Digital, which aims to support innovations and young entrepreneurs in the Balkans – at which the Slovenian project partner, the Ljubljana-based ABC Accelerator, hosted seven of the most promising startups from the Western Balkans, a Meet&Match was held on Tuesday, 25 September. […]

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ABC hackathon “Cultural adventure at your fingertips”

There’s a day we all look forward to – the day of ABC hackathon! This truly is a hackathon in the best meaning of the word, where the participants of this two-day competition solve challenges in groups. The next hackathon called Cultural adventure at your fingertips (Kulturna pustolovščina na dlani) is just around the corner: […]

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The following startups – registered on F6S for 1° CAB call by the 31.08.2018 – will be invited to participate to the 1° CAB acceleration program Italy – Slovenia SOPLAYA LUCKYONETEAM VIRES ELECTRIC MOWER ROBOT FOXWIN TOMAPPO PICOSATS CAFELIER FLEXYTEAM OMNIOPTI PROCUREAN UZTZU CODEBRAINER DATAHONEY (BY HONEYCOMB ) SHOP-O-RAMA.IT CREANEST d.o.o.   CAB Point ITALY  c/o FRIULI INNOVAZIONE: […]

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ABC Accelerator Equa Innotalks

INNOtalks: Entrepreneurship Is a Marathon

The vision and day-to-day work are more important than the idea itself, noted Anže Miklavec, an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the ZKOTZ company which is the owner of the Goat Story brand, at the 7th Innotalks which were hosted by Slovenia’s ABC Accelerator in mid-September. According to Miklavec, globalisation allows us to find our niche […]

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