Hey! Few weeks ago I was a participant in the International business summer school IBSSLJ16 organized by the Ypsilon Institute (which is also a great thing to check, especially because of the team, which simply have too much energy). Among all other interesting people from the business community I also met Urška and Edina from ABC start-up accelerator. There is definitely different vibe in startup community. For those not familiar with it, I can only say two words – high energy. Extra high energy if you want three words. I was familiar with ABC accelerator and their startups since their beginning, because rapidly developing start up ecosystem in Slovenia excites and surprises me every single day. Consequently, starting a short conversation with Urska was quite logical thing for me to do. Apparently I’m sometimes too direct. But until I profit form why should I care. Well, honestly a few days later I forgot that we had a chat. Probably same happened to Urška, but much earlier, since she is simply ultra-busy 🙂

After summer school ended, some late Sunday evening (yes, I remember the date because at that specific day I prepared quite classy dinner for my better half) one of the participants of the summer school sent me a text if I already completed solution for Webs and ABC digital challenge. Yeah of course, I had no idea that ABC challenge even exists. The deadline for submission was the same night and it was necessary to check online what is happening about the topic of the challenge (increasing the global visibility of ABC). My better half ate the dinner alone and occasionally she still mentions that when she is in bad mood. Yes, we’ll have a trip to seaside to redeem myself. Mentioning this just in case if she reads that blog 🙂 Better to suffer her rage than to look back in the past what I could do differently with my life. After a while, I forgot about the ABC challenge. Apparently forgetting things happens to me a lot. Not good.

Anyway few afternoons later Edina from ABC was calling to check how I’m doing and if I was recently active on social media. I wasn’t, but I quickly realised where is the catch – somehow I doubt that with all her job related tasks she would be calling a total stranger just for fun. I must admit that she knows how to impress – offering internship at ABC. Freaking awesome! For someone interested in start-up scene, internship at ABC is definitely a do not to miss opportunity. Not just working in a startup but directly FOR startups, which is even better. At this point I’ll not write in details what ABC accelerator in fact does, it’s better to check their new web page!

Couple of days later I’m sitting in ABC funky office and writing this post about my first impression. Usually that’s quite ungrateful task, mostly because I’m very direct and saying negative things (if they exists) is not a problem for me – hey, better to solve things at the beginning rather than whining about them later. Fortunately there are no things that would irritate me at the moment (maybe because I’m here only one day 🙂 ) – even coffee that was waiting for me this morning at my table was great. And I’m not a coffee person. Hey, they even let you go home in the evening: D
Met the team which is currently in Slovenia and not all around the world (Silicon Valley for the win!). Awesome! I might not remember all the names but i know which coffee mug each team member is using, even more important! What a pleasant surprise was that Urška remembered me from that summer school chat. Better working atmosphere would be hardly achieved. Enormous pressure and yet everybody is extra friendly and have everything in control. It’s all about passion.

My internship tasks are linked to marketing and PR. Announcements for social media, emails, browsing for information, working on Lidl business hackathon (btw applications are open, check it and apply –  ABC is looking for new talents!). Awesome job for people that are excited by everything that’s starts with the word social. Anyone who posts a lot on Facebook would love it and is quite jealous right now. If you are interested in start-up scene, even additional bonus. I have to admit that currently Edina as my marketing boss requires suspiciously little urgent tasks. Probably part of secret strategy that I first finish this post. Hint Edina, I’m ready for the challenge :p

Ok I just remembered one negative thing. Occasionally in the morning there is a slight problem with parking around here. After an hour of driving I’m just no in for additional walk in the rain. It’s really great feeling to get up and drive to work, lately that’s becoming quite a rarity in Slovenia’s corporate environment.

Oh man, I managed to write more in introduction part of this post than in main part related to my actual job. Well foundations have to be strong 🙂 Let’s briefly summarize this post in my straight to the point style – ABC is awesome! Not just because ABC offers top environment for startups to accelerate their global growth, but mostly because of the team that stands behind the scenes.

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