Going on a tour: meet the ABC team in your home town! We are searching the best startups to invest in. APPLY

So you have a startup? OK, chances are you also have no money, no time and no girlfriend (or boyfriend. And if you do – kudos to you! Teach us about work-life balance, please!).

In any case, you probably need help. And money. If you don’t know that yet, then when you figure it out, it’s gonna be too late.

So, what exactly are we doing? Touring. Scouting. Driving long distances and not sleeping much.

We did a tour of the Balkans half a year ago, and realized there is so much potential! But then, most of the companies don’t want to dedicate money and time to meeting an accelerator. And it’s the only sensible thing to do!

So, we’re coming to you. We want to meet would-be ABC Accelerator startups.

And this time ABC Accelerator goes touring – TO THE NORTH!

Get yourself and your team (we want to meet them!) together and come and join us on the scouting tour!

Why come meet us, you say?

If what we offer (*see below) isn’t enough to convince you, we’ll give you a unique chance to receive real feedback.

You know when you usually pitch on a competition and the jury goes behind a door and picks the winner? Well, this time – THERE IS NO DOOR! Feedback is king for startups.

And we’ll give you frank feedback. Lay it down on you. Brutally honest. And not just us, we’re inviting local ecosystem leaders into the jury with us.

And the winner of each pitch wins a WILD CARD – goes straight to the finals of our selection process. No paperwork needed.

Check which city and date are closest to you, and meet us there.

Come, let´s talk over a beer.

Don´t miss out, the clock is ticking.

23.2. Budapest

24.2. Bratislava

24.2. Vienna

25.2. Prague

27.2. Krakow

29.2. Warsaw

1.3. Poznan

2.3. Gdansk

*15k€ equity investment, 35k€ convertible loan, and for the very best – up to 300k€ from our own VC
*Free basic accommodation for foreign startups

*Intensive 3 month program (3-4 workshops every day) will improve EVERYONE in your team

*Basically, everything a startup needs

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