How To Not Let Your Startup Ruin Your Personal Life

The immeasurable joy and the feeling of achievement that comes with starting your own business or joining a recent startup certainly do not come without a price tag. Budding entrepreneurs have to be available 24/7 to set up their business on firm grounds and over-ambitious employees need to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Jan Yager, PhD, a relationship and time management coach and author of Put More Time on Your Side: How to Manage Life in a Digital World says: “Those who are driven to succeed find it harder to stop work than to get started. Once they are in their work mode, it’s hard to avoid the next phone call or put off looking at emails that come in 24/7.”

  • Technology is there to stay connected not to become slaves to it!

Embrace technology to the best of its use and do not let it crawl on your personal space and private time. For this you need to leverage certain technologies to not let the ease of being available anytime from anywhere take a toll on you. Maura Thomas, author of Personal Productivity Secrets says that employees tend to overlook the fact that technology is present to keep us well-connected at our convenience. Nobody wants to be constantly disturbed by the notifications, but rarely do we switch off our phones and the incessant push notifications do not allow us to ignore the incoming work pressure, even at home.

  • It’s good to be available but not always!

Just like you choose your friends and decide who to let in inside your private circle, similarly you need to draw those lines at the workplace as well. It’s always appreciated if you stay available, but that doesn’t require to be just an email away at any time of the day/night.

Silence your email alerts when you are not working so that your attention is not drawn towards them. Only in the case of fire emergencies, is it advised to respond to emails in the knack of time. Leila Hock, JD, founder of Alignment Coaching says, “Getting into the habit of immediately responding to all emails not only sets expectations regarding your response time, but also encourages more late-night emails from others.”

Spacing out your replies and not being too readily and easily available helps develop an image and establish your importance and integrity of time in the eyes of the client. To do so you can make use of an auto-email responder or dedicate certain hours of the weekend for office work and then strictly sign off, lying back the rest of the day. Excessive screen time can add on to the extra pounds that you might have been gaining since college times. You need to spice up your daily routine with some physical exercise, away from technological gadgets.

  • Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize!!

We understand that you need to give it your all, to kick-start that business idea and steer it strategically on the road to success. Laser focus is what is required right now. Fuelled with passion and the will to make your startup a success, it is but inevitable that you will have to trim your social calendar to only a few close friends.

However, you can certainly not alienate your loved ones by giving all your time and attention to your business. Take out time from your busy schedule and make a quick call to your loved ones. Don’t be obsessed with your recent startup venture and make it the highlight of every conversation at the cost of the due time and attention that other people deserve.

  • Do not close up on people! Always be flexible.

Do not be intimidated by what others think about your newly-founded business venture. Often entrepreneurs get apprehensive and to evade bickering questions about their progress and success tend to go into a nutshell. This will not help, but only add to your over-worked mind and a sloppy social life.

Starting a business is no small feat. Not only does it require human and monetary efforts but is also subject to situational factors and also on luck. Worrying yourself unnecessarily about what other people think about your failures and drawbacks can undermine your confidence. You need to have faith in yourself and stand the test of time as every startup goes through struggling times, which is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Stay connected with work without letting it interfere for no apparent reason in your personal life!

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