Here’s why you should know about ABC Accelerator

Title: Here’s why you should know about ABC Accelerator

Summary: They are a private funded accelerator with a great team and they have just finished their second program focused on Smart Living & Health. At the same time, the ABC Accelerator team accepted the next group of startups into its third program – Commercial Tech.

They claim this will be the crown jewel of ABC’s programs and will give startups the unique opportunity to benefit and synergize with ABC’s main competitive advantage – a tight partnership with BTC City, the SEE region’s largest commercial and logistics centre. BTC City is home to over 4500 companies and is visited by 21 million shoppers each year, making it the perfect space for startups to test their products and find their first key customers.




Edina Dyachenko
Edina Dyachenko
Chief creative officer & PR at ABC Accelerator
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