InnoEnergy – pioneering change
in sustainable energy

ABC Accelerator is a proud partner of InnoEnergy as an Innoenergy Hub Slovenia. InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

InnoEnergy supports and invests in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to end-customer. With our network of partners, we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets.


Early stage startups apply for Primer program (2-4 weeks pre-acceleration on-site program):

Application open: 15 November 2019

Start of the program: 13 January 2020

Demo day: 7 February 2020


Later stage startups apply for the regional Power Up! competition:

Application open: in February 2020

Start of the program: March 2020

More about the project:

Contact: Matej Purger



We work in three essential areas of the innovation mix:

  • Education to help create an informed and ambitious workforce that understands the demands of sustainability and the needs of the industry.
  • Innovation Projects to bring together ideas, inventors and industry to create commercially attractive technologies that deliver real results to customers.
  • Business Creation Services to support entrepreneurs and start-ups who are expanding Europe’s energy ecosystem with their innovative offerings. Bringing these disciplines together maximises the impact of each, accelerates the development of market-ready solutions and creates a fertile environment in which we can sell the innovative results of our work.

Our Thematic Fields: Clean Coal and Gas Technologies, Renewable Energies, Energy Storage, Smart, and Efficient Buildings and Cities, Energy Efficiency, Smart Electric Grid, Nuclear instrumentation, Energy from Chemical Fuels.

In partnerships with InnoEnergy ABC Accelerator implements two programs: Primer and Power Up!.

Primer is a 2-4 weeks pre-acceleration program for teams at the beginning of their business path. To apply you should have a team, an idea at a mature stage (preferably prototype stage). Startups from all backgrounds are welcome to join, however, energy startups are preferred. Next Primer program will be in February 2019.

PowerUp! gives you a unique opportunity to meet your future investors and business partners as well as participate in business workshops with a top-notch team of mentors. The best start-ups will be awarded and have the possibility to be invited to the Highway® accelerator with access to €150,000 in investment and financial rewards. Next Power Up! In Slovenia will be in April 2019, the applications will be open in March 2019.