Our alumni Money Rebel has joined forces with fellow ABC Accelerator alumni Kripto, and the joint team is proud to announce a revolutionary new hybrid financial service and banking platform, enabled by the European Commissions’s Revised Directive of Payment Services (PSD2), bound to step in force in 2018. The team of experts offers ICO / crowdfunding contribution opportunities through an ICO, which will start on start 8th November 2017. The PREICO opportunity is already open.

MoneyRebel yesterday announced that the 1st million EUR of funds has been raised in the first 7 days of preico. “We need to point out that we are merging the two worlds of fiat and crypto money – and funds, pouring in from the fiat money world, need some more time, as we need to process the customers according to regulation by executing a KYC (know-your-customer) protocol,” said Mitja Vezovišek, Money Rebel co-founder.

This is the first time an ICO is set up by a group of classic and digital finance & banking, and IT experts, where they will integrate functionalities that could not be supported in the old, brick & mortar banks. They will address numerous new issues, arising from the popular crypto finance world, and offer smart mobile banking, asset management, smart budgeting and investment support.

Money Rebel Smart MR platform

The final goal of the Smart MR Mobile Bank is to deliver a new breed hybrid financial service and banking platform that will enable users to receive, transfer, grow and manage fiat and crypto money with a single app – even when they have money stored with other institutions.

Expert advisers, strong AI algorithmic investment options (partnership with Quintelligence, a spin-off from AI Lab of Jozef Stefan Institute), crypto arbitrage commercial banking and crypto payment products will be offered together. The MR Platform, offered first, will evolve into a modern Smart MR Mobile Bank, providing easily accessible financial services to all, payable with MRP tokens.

For more details about the project, please visit http://www.moneyrebel.io/

Find additional business project explanation and technical explanations in the following whitepapers:
Money Rebel whitepaper
Money Rebel technical whitepaper

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