China, here we come!

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It´s not an error, I am just trying to give you a hint here. China, here we come! But, before I continue writing in Chinese and add up on the 5 languages I already speak (Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Croatian and Valyrian), let me turn the wheel of time backwards.

It´s Monday, and it´s dead silent at ABC. The wind is blowing, the tumbleweed is rolling on the floors… it´s all so very unusual for ABC. Especially, since ABC is not the movie studio and we are not shooting Wild Wild West 2. I am just trying to point out how unusual this phenomena of silence was, since I got used to the hectic and busy mood. But what I wasn’t aware of at the time is – the storm comes after the calm.

“They are here, they are here, they are here!!!!”. Everyone yelled. “Who, what, why”- I was yelling back! “China, china!!”

They yelled back again (to sum up: lots of yelling). The silent mood turned into a hectic one, and I smiled: “That´s what I am talking about! Now it feels like home again! We got a visit from our Shanghai connection: Mr. Xie Guangping, the board Chairman of Shanghai Premier Investment Group Co. Ltd. an integrated investment company mainly engaged in industrial real estate investment with a number of wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries.  And of course, his lovely, smart and sharp secretary, Vivian Yuan.

ABC is finalizing the contract with Premier so the visit was all about business. And a little bit of fun.  They were introduced to Michael Dixon – world wide director for Smart Cities IBM, and the interest and friendship is mutual. We made it! Hello China, we are opening an ABC Accelerator that will be finalized in 2017! What more to say than:  xie xie!

kolaz kitajci

So, what else happened in the meanwhile? We were quite active in the media sphere, Styliff started their testing beta, Macedonian TV came to visit our power girls, Urška & Ladeja, the whole of Slovenian press wrote articles about the teams and ABC, TV houses were here…

We are grateful for the spotlights, the teams are quite active on the media polygon, for example, Symvaro. They were recently published in the Austrian magazine, mentioning ABC and EXPO 2015 (in a little while, you will read about that too),

Wirtschaftsblatt_03-06-2015 (1)

TravelStarter and their sunny San Diego project:

We had some rather interesting presentations: Rok Uršič from Red Pitaya and I-Tech founder, Aaron Marko –ex-Microsoft, Filip Dobranič, world ESP top speaker, Entrepreneur Peter Mulec… I need an additional blog just to write how amazing all the lecturers are! I really love that they all have one thing in common. One saying: follow your gut! It’s quite simple actually. They just saved me years of searching for the point.


So, what´s next you say? The moon! Let´s drive to the moon and back – she looks at him and smiles (I think that by now, you probably realised I am a movie freak). But, this quote actually fits in, because…our sixth program will be: space (omg, omg, omg can´t wait!!!!).  But yes, we are catapulting ABC forward and we are taking the teams with us!

To where, you ask? To Milan! EXPO 2015!


ABC is presenting under the Slovenian pavilion and we are organizing an all-day event. Recently the teams had to pitch for the open media day. Some were brilliant, some need to step up their game a bit because their next test will be pitching to a broader public at the Milan EXPO. Because the ultimate test day is approaching. The Demo day! The day they´ve been preparing for the last 3 months for. So, join us in Milan, see it for yourself. If you were an investor, into whom would you invest? For this event we are organizing a pitch battle. Hence, if you are a startup and would like to pitch to our investors and partners, feel free to join us! We are even organizing buses to Milan. ABC bus, the best bus in town!

So, this is it for now. I know I know, parting is such a sweet sorrow… But we will see each other again. On EXPO. Soon. This Saturday… and I will write aaaall about it. You know I’ll do that. Don’t mess with me now!