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Buon giorno, come stai belli? Si, we went to Italy! Good vine, good food, great company. We kind of didn´t had the first two since we were working all day long, but the company was amazing so let´s say, we are even! We filled two buses and hit the road. It was 3 o´clock in the morning when the cheerful company joined.


I think nobody slept that day, and the atmosphere was electrified. It definitely helped that we had an acapella band – Puschluschtae – joining us. I was a bit worried that they might overdo it and sing all the way to Milan, but as long as we sat in those bus seats, everybody fell asleep. The ride back was a wholly different story, but I think it´s better to stick with the facts regarding what is appropriate to publishJ. So, to continue. We were invited to present on the stage at the: »I feel Slovenia« pavilion.

There, we organised the startup event, bringing our investors and business partners to hear our teams pitch. But not just our teams. We decided to enable other companies to pitch their products as well, such as Point Out, Carepy, MojBudget, Sentinel, Parkauto, Ponnod. For some of them, this was their first major pitch, but they did a great job. Expo is the global event of huge importance. To put things into perspective, let me just start by saying that the next Expo will be held in Dubai 2020. And, as far as ABC is concerned, we might show up there as well.

The organisation of the event was on the right level which is all thanks to the team behind »I feel Slovenia«. I hope that more collaborations like this one will occur in the future. Definitely! Must. Will! Our investor, Julien Coustaury, joined us on the stage, enjoying a pleasant conversation with Tjaša Dornik, Bollicine de stille.

Overall experience on Expo was great, giving everyone the opportunity to present once more before Demo Day, which will be the next update – soon! Omg! I am super excited about this one since I was present at the team rehearsal in Crystal Palace and they really… Really did it.


These guys made it happen! If I were investing (I might) I would do it right there on the spot. It was kind a proud moment to see how they grew up (as I always state like a proud parent so fast). But that is a good thing in the entrepreneurial world. You have to be quick since there is always someone who did that better, stronger, faster (damn u Daft Punk, always on my mind). But as I don´t wanna reveal too quick too soon. And this is such huge news that it deserves to have its own spotlight.


So, until the next blog post, in the case I don´t see you: good morning, good day and good night! But no worries there! You will see me. Lots of me. Yay!