Startups in action at the Expo 2015

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Eight international teams, who were being forged in ABC Accelerator in Ljubljana for the last three months, and many other Slovenian startups and young companies, have presented themselves on the external stage of the Slovenian pavilion at the EXPO in Milan.

The ABC Accelerator team has put together a dynamic event, full of positive energy, breakthrough stories, multinationals and investors, climaxing in the Improv Pitch. A real show, and a chance for the wider international audience meets and has a chance to evaluate the innovation potential of the Slovenian space.


ABC Accelerator, which started its first “Smart Cities” program during the end of March 2015 in a creatively refurbished space in BTC City, has enabled eight startups to polish their business models, adapt them to the market demand, and prepared them for the global push with the help of mentors, lecturers, coaches, and investors. The solutions of the startups are centered at the development of quality of life and are present in the fields such as improved water consumption efficiency, waste management, efficiency of task and services management, enhanced online shopping, reduction of food waste, exercise motivation for children, crowdfunding of tourism…

The Slovenian innovation ecosystem is being strengthened with the help of projects such as ABC Accelerator, becoming more internationally renowned and attractive for foreign investors. The more there are companies with global breakthrough potential, the more there is interest for local and global capital. Only in 2014, Slovenian startups raised 60 million USD of investment, which is more than in nine previous years together. This is a strong indicator that the market is waking up, that the entrepreneurial spirit is more and more present, and that we know how to transfer ideas into effective business solutions.

Opportunities and actions shaping the current Slovenian business environment were discussed on a round table by guests from the companies BTC, ABC, and IBM. In the afternoon face-off of investor Julien Coustaury and successful entrepreneur Tjaša Dornik, we will hear which the key points are when the investor is deciding into whom to invest and what are the challenges of an entrepreneur getting ready for investment. During the events, the music from acapella group Puschluschtae, rapper Rok Terkaj, and live program from radio Aktual’s DJ kept the momentum going even during rain.

The event in Milan was a relaxed version of a “final rehearsal” for the ABC startups, which present on the 24th of June in Ljubljana in a closed “Demo Day” event to international investors. The size of the actual investments attracted by startups will be known later, when the first signs of interest transition towards negotiations and in the end, into contractual agreements.

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