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Hola, I am writing this post from the sandy beach with a margherita in one hand and a Cuba libre in the other. I am typing with my feet so I am so sorry for any typos. As far as this blog post goes, you have probably by now realized that the moon is not just the back of the sun, that čevapi in Istria are not 20kn but 30, and that I am lying! I am not at the beach but in the office. But the truth is, we do have sand in the office. Our crazy interior designer decided to make our lives a bit harder by constantly reminding us: there is a sandy place in this world, where weather is nice and beer is cheap. This place is not in Ljubljana, but here you go, have some sand you guys so it will constantly remind you about the vacations you will not have and places you will not go. Ha!

The joke is on him, because we recently took a break! That´s right you guys! ABC Team decided to take a weekend off (omg, how dare they). After all the hard work we did for the last 6 months (well, they did it, I am here working hard or hardly working for half of that time but still, it feels good to say we J), anyway, WE needed a break. A time for the team to look back and create a vision of the future. So us visionaries decided to take a vacation in Istria.

Urška found this beautiful house with a pool (no sand) that we all fell in love with and agreed that we should move our office there. Well, that escalated quickly but it seemed like a good idea at the moment.

The idea of team building is improving interpersonal relations and social interactions. So far, we had no problems with those so we already came there connected and strong. As far as ABC goes, we have had our ups and downs, but as a team – we stick together! That´s why we were all super sad when we had to say goodbye to one of us. Let me start by turning the wheel of time back (because we can do that! In our 83rd program called: smart living & back to the future 3, we are having a startup that invented time machine. So far, they are selling it only to your future kids).

9th of March 2015. It was a rainy day when Urška announced: the Prince is coming! Clean your desks! Grega looked at her with the rebellious look: I ain´t cleaning for no prince (but we all know the look he got back, so he started cleaning). At that moment, the tall, handsome, charismatic figure came through the door. We all gasped for a moment, It was sooo dreamy. And there was this funny looking German boy standing right there behind him. Hallo, Ich bin Leonhard Prinz! – He said with a funny look on his face. As we all stared at this handsome figure, Leo just took his seat and started working,  (I am creating a scenario here. This is not what really happened, but the first part is all true). So, our little Prinz started working. Before we noticed, he was integrated within the team and we all fell in love with him. I started with the “little German boy” because in 3 months, he became a man we are all proud of!

Auf Wiedersehen Slowenien! Auf Bald ABC!

Saying goodbye to one of the best experiences of my life.

I was and am part of a young successful company that I had the luck being accepted into. This team that grew to become my family raised me to become a much better, smarter, more aware, accepting, challenge taking, loving and I beleave also funnier grin emoticon person.

ABC is a place where I can be myself and be loved for it.


(here, hold my tissue while I roll over and cry)! But he had to go to finish his studies, but we are all aware that he will still stay a part of this story. We shall meet again, Leo. We must meet again since you forgot half of your stuff at teambuilding and guess who had to take care of that?!

Monday came, and we were back at the office. Acting as if the weekend didn´t happen. That is the thing with us. When we work, we work hard. When we play, we play hard as well, but we never mix the two. It´s an unwritten rule at ABC so it was only logical to fall back into old tracks. The summer is here and we are working on the current program while preparing the next one – Smart living and health (applications open till September, apply here and become a part of ABC and a part of this blog where I can write whatever my heart desires. Watch out!)

There is plenty of work to do, so in order to avoid sending emails while actually holding a margarita in one hand: this is the week. And I and the team will also have to say goodbye for now. Because, we will take a summer pause.  We are also only people (pa neče se riba sama ulovit I ispeč). Most of us is going to visit Croatia, a part of the team is going to Shanghai as well, since we are opening an Accelerator in China.  But don´t be fooled with the vacation part. With one eye we will watch hot people on the beach but with the other, hot startups. So look your best, we are coming for you!

See you in August!

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