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Nuvolak2 – a place of expansion and a community to support innovation

Nuvolak2 is the successor of the prosperous project Nuvolak. More precisely, it is an upgrade to the web platform with a new implementation of marketing tools. These tools assist in planning and introducing marketing activities, mentoring resources and presenting good business practices. The system also serves as a tool for benchmarking and more prompt supply of information, in order to enforce and lead companies from both sides of the border with the support of the network of mentors and institutions. is a multilingual online platform offering an extensive library of information and tools. Its content is free, the use is simple, secure and reliable. Within the platform users can access an extensive knowledge base on entrepreneurship, establishment and management of companies in Slovenia and Italy, a database of mentors and support institutions, tools for effective business planning (business plans, business models, brand building plan), and cross-border business opportunities with the possibility of networking, linking and exchanging business ideas and opportunities.

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INNOtalks is project Nuvolak 2’s brand, a place for spreading ideas and a society for the support of innovations. The goal of INNOtalks is to develop innovative marketing practices for increased global competitiveness of SMEs and startups in Italian/Slovene cross-border area. Monthly business chats in Italy (SDGZ, Ecipa, Aries, Confcommercio) and Slovenia (ABC Accelerator) host successful entrepreneurs and other professionals who share their stories and recipes for success, contributing to the promotion of knowledge, experience and good practices of leading companies in the fields of innovation, marketing, branding and the use of modern IT technologies.


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