Quite a few ABC Accelerator start-ups provided good news in 2020. The biggest success is certainly the acquisition of the ABC second-generation App Ray startup. It was acquired by Guardsquare, a company that specializes in advanced solutions for protecting mobile applications. The excellent result was also achieved by the alumni company Soplaya, which, with the help of ABC Accelerator, obtained as much as 3.5 million EUR in investments from international VC investors.

Cafelier, an innovative automatic product that facilitates and significantly shortens the time of cleaning coffee machines in the catering industry, received the gold award for the best innovation in the Celje region from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Flexkeeping and Beeping have been more than successfully defying all obstacles in 2020 for a whole year and continue to increase their user base. And last but not least: Chess Universe, an innovative game of chess that teaches young people about this historical game, has, with quite a few top moves, already gained 600,000 euros in investment, from BTC and also from international venture capital investors.

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