How It Works

ABC Silicon Valley is a global home to the best startups

Business scale up

Stage 0

Spread on more than 22.000 ft2 – Office space and community for idea developers or companies in search of a perfect place to kick-off their business.

Stage 1

Spread on more than 12.000 ft2 – Acceleration program, for early stage startups with a finished product, searching for rounds up to 1 million eur, who will test & scale their business in ideal testing environment.

Stage 2

Spread on 10.000 ft2 – Entrepreneurial Hub, for growth stage startups searching for A round investments up to 5 million eur, and B round up to 10 million eur, cooperation with German corporations, focused on the European market.

Stage 3

Spread on more than 13.000 ft2 – Ecosystem hub for later stage startups, focused on entering the US market and search for larger investments and partners. Also a hub for corporations who wish to experience the unique traits of Silicon Valley

Stage 0

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

How it works

ABC team achieves their goals very quickly and at the same time changes the existing startup ecosystem into an open, connected and successful business model. In addition to its Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Munich (Germany) locations, it is now time to compete among the best.  It’s time to conquer the Silicon Valley.

Therefore, we opened a new location in San Jose, which is the capital of Silicon Valley and this is where the biggest startup innovations and business success stories are happening. ABC Global Home Silicon Valley is also becoming our ‘’Headquarters’’ because we want to enable our best international startups the largest investments and global expansion opportunities. Here, there is no time for waiting and failure.

Here, everything happens extremely fast. Good networking is important and everything is focused on realization, and business success. Here, the following rule applies: ‘’It’s a culture of WE, not ME.’’ If you are good, all the doors are opened.

The diversity of people, talent, creativity and collaboration creates a remarkable melting pot of ideas, extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurship. The region is unique and Silicon Valley has long been the world leader in startups, giving rise to numerous cutting-edge brands.

ABC Silicon Valley is a global home to the best startups that have already raised investments and garnered market traction and are ready to become international unicorns.

ABC Silicon Valley is the Headquarters of the ABC Group and it offers a unique approach for startups and corporations. It provides custom made services, investment and global exposure as well as improving the social responsibility environment.

Silicon Valley is not a place,
it is a state of mind.

ABC Silicon Valley is the acceleration engine that pushes startups to greater heights, connecting them with industry-specific partners, VCs, investors, and mentors.

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