Our Values & Culture

When you invest, you invest in people.

Our Values & Culture

ABC knows that the most valuable asset to a startup business are its people. Therefore, the strongest value of ABC accelerator is its team – we are family. We are all about making successful startups and at the same time creating vital personal relationship. With us, its is not just business, it is also personal.

We believe in our 6 core values:

  • focus
  • fun
  • personal approach
  • family style
  • trust
  • honesty

Our environment is always filled with positive vibes, laughter, determination and focus. We want everyone to feel relaxed and we want our workplace to be fun, not very stressful, and we want everyone to feel like they are at home.

Moreover, we are striving to constantly contribute to the greater good of the world and therefore we put a lot of emphasis into our philanthropic endeavors by being connected to numerous non-profit organizations.

To captivate both our values and culture, we follow a TruHoMa philosophy, which is also patented. TruHoMa stands for True and Honest Mankind. Why?

Because everything, literally every single thing, begins within ourselves. And if it is not true and honest, it will never last or achieve anything positive.

We are also dog lovers – befriend our ABC dog, called JAY 🙂

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