Applications for our 7th call, Deep Tech, are open!

Are you a proper company that is leveling up your game through blockchain and want to do an ICO? Does your AI solution leave Siri and Alexa reaching for »Understanding Humans for Dummies«?

Is your underlying technology so good that there are maybe only five people worldwide that really get it?

We want to work with you.

Our 3-month program is meant for startups that are really all about using the best technology to solve real-world problems.

Helping you is our passion. In the first two months, you will get to work with the best people, and will constantly be working with our team of mentors, in-house investors, and corporate partners that will prepare you for the last month and prepare the last month for you. What’s in the last month, you ask? Silicon. Valley. And not the show, the location.

So, basically, the program is comprised of working with experts in Ljubljana 1-on-1 for starters, and then meeting investors and partners from industry-defining companies in the Valley.

Since we’re mainly working with companies that already have revenue and funding, we offer the option of coming to our program without taking our investment, which makes your cap-table more attractive to later investment.

What technologies are interesting for us? Anywhere, where next-generation tech is used to change lives for the better. A few examples, you ask?

Fields like:

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • AR
  • VR
  • Drones
  • Genetics

And more. I mean, if you’re doing really deep tech, you know it. So, apply.

What do we offer?

In summary, what you get is:

  • 3-month intensive acceleration program – 2 months in Ljubljana and 1 month in the Silicon Valley
  • 15.000 € or 30.000€ in funding – “pizza money” to fund your stay in Silicon Valley
  • Free co-working space in BTC Ljubljana, the biggest commercial hub in the SEE region and an ideal testing market with 4500 businesses and over 22 million visitors each year
  • Access to our mentors’ network including 250+ tech and industry experts, corporate partners, serial entrepreneurs, business angels, and VCs
  • Tickets to the largest regional startup and tech conferences and other networking events
  • A chance to pitch in front of strategic investors (corporations) and financial investors (VCs and Business Angels), both in Europe and the US
  • Access to European as well as global acceleration networks, eg. GAN
  • Free gym membership and other sweet perks



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