5th program: Intelligent things

5th program:

Intelligent things

In our second year, we are already running our 5th program, determined to fund and invest in people that will change the world for all of us. There is no coincidence that this program is about Intelligent people and Intelligent things that will change the way we live. Startups will get direct access to financing, a global network of experts, and a chance to expand into Munich, Silicon Valley, and India.

As usual, teams come from all around the globe. This time, startups hail from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Srilanka, Ukraine, and the USA.

Intelligent things done by intelligent people have arrived to change our everyday lives for the better. Located in an intelligent city and living lab, this is the place to be for any startup.

We are proud to announce our carefully selected startups that are developing Intelligent things across the whole spectrum of the field and are getting ready for the global take off. Competition is on and lets see who are the true winners among winners.

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