4th program: Internet of things / Internet of Everything

4th program:

IoT / IoE

Providing funding, and access to our global mentorship network with industry experts, IoT&IoE startups are benefiting from direct access to our offices in Munich, Silicon Valley, and starting in 2017 – Bangalore India.

We choose 30 Internet of Things and Internet of Everything startups across the whole spectrum of the field, from consumer to industrial. From our new office in Munich, we are also able to provide direct access to German industry.

We were looking for startups with a product ready to scale – with an early revenue and users. Our goal is to improve your team, connect you with customers and help you scale, and connect you with investors. To get there, we leverage our unique position in BTC City, support of partners such as Cisco, Triglav insurance, EnaA.com and a global network of VCs and business angels.

Primarily, we find startups from Europe really cool, but because of the increased interest of international startups, this call was open for companies from across the world. Startups do not need to have their businesses located in Ljubljana, but they are required to spend the first three months of the program here. In practice, many startups stay also in the passive three months of the program, since in that period they are closing investments and deals made during the program and after the Demo Day.

We personally selected each of our new startups and took them into our new program, in order to find, create and push the new ideas forward. Here they are, we are presenting you the glorious 30:

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