2nd program: Smart Living & Health

2nd program: Smart Living & Health

ABC’s Smart Living & Health acceleration program is disrupting the way we look at the global health system. With our minds on improving welfare, we carefully selected 10 new startups, which will improve people’s everyday lives. Everybody has at least one app that is making their life better in some way, but the rise of industry-specific apps such as health and smart living

ones who are focused on making your life easier and more organised, shows us that there is a need on the market and that in the fast forward system, society desperately needs something to improve living. We believe that it is crucial to find solutions that will push the development in the right direction.

We personally selected each of our new startups and took them into our new program, in order to find, create and push the new ideas forward. Here they are, we are presenting you the glorious ten:

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