Facility is a hotel management software replacing paper, phone and mouth-to-mouth communication with one easy-to-use application.
Styliff is a virtual dressing app that allows you to try clothes on your virtual self in a matter of seconds.
App Ray takes apart any mobile app to find security vulnerabilities, data leaks, and privacy breaches.
Mogy is a specialized B2B SaaS app solution for personal trainers and their athlete clients.
Sportly is an app that helps fitness professionals focus on what they do best, freeing them from a constant burden of planning & budgeting.
Drobio is a place where social network meets fashion. Drobio makes organizing your wardrobe easy, it allows you to follow the latest trends and ...
The SmartCityPlatform connects all the core elements of a successfully managed city.
Messenger is a mobile app which allows you to communicate with your friends and encourages you to meet other people and expand your social circle.
Symvaro is developing Smart City solutions with the focus on water & waste management.
A cloud platform for your dental practice. Manage your clinic much better with Dentem.
Moneyrebel empowers people with knowledge and tools to successfully deal with money.
VisMedic provides online video sessions with top physicians from best health care institutions.
Sportly is an app that helps fitness professionals focus on what they do best, freeing them from a constant burden of planning & budgeting.
Viberate collects big amounts of data daily from social media, streaming sites, music stores and other relevant online sources and converts it into relevant and easy-to-use information for music professionals.
Moveo is using technology to motivate kids for physical activity through fun play.
TravelStarter, makes it possible for anyone to share their story with travelers from across the globe and raise money for their project.
HOMEY, A mobile app for families that takes chores to another level - with snapshots!
NERVteh Zetadrive is an advanced 4DOF motion driving simulator delivering a real life experience for multiple applications.
World’s fastest FCL container booking for any importer
Tailored hotels for business travelers. We helps business travelers keep focused and effective on their business with service, that can save their time and money.
Violanto builds artificial intelligence for eCommerce. 97.7% of shoppers leave sites without buying , the only effective way to increase low conversion is to give control to AI technology.
We help you turn your loss into profit. A smart online tool for sale acceleration of overstocked goods with short expiry date and services.
Venxly provides ads people love. Is the one sentencer. We give them suggestions to points of interest (through their own personality, location and time), give them discounts and pay them to view them.
Kripto are cutting edge trading & arbitrage tools. With this platform you can automate your trading portfolio and focus on analyzing the market.
PointMe converts a word to mouth marketing into a digital form on social networks.
Bubbles is a location-based messaging app that allows users to chat with businesses nearby.
Paperleap aims at empowering research by increasing equality in academic publishing and providing researchers with more opportunities for publishing high quality work.
Weshare is going to give power to Individuals to create or share anything based on peer to peer by their unique profile.
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