Teams & requirements

Do you work only with startups?

No, Acceleration Business City is open to any innovative company with global ambitions.

How many teams will be drafted per program?

Each program will have 8-10 teams.

In what stage should the companies be?

Somewhere in between having a nearly-finished product to companies that are already established locally.

Will I have to move to Ljubljana?

Yes. This is the only way we can achieve the optimal environment for growth.

Selection proccess


You apply through F6S. The questionnaire is designed to give us insight into the team.


The deadline for application will usually be two weeks before the start of the program.


The teams that meet the application criteria and are interesting will be invited for interviews. These videoconferences will help us understand the team, the product and the business model.

This will be the first time we hear the teams pitch.

Selection days

The best few teams will be invited to Ljubljana for final selection and a live interview. The selection jury will be present, consisting of members of the team, mentors, and partners.


The teams will receive feedback after each stage is finished.

The teams chosen on selection days will be the ones that will join our program.


Do some countries need a visa for an extended stay in Slovenia?

Yes, the following countries from our region need a visa:

– Albania
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Kosovo
– Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
– Montenegro
– Serbia

Will you provide assistance for arranging visas?

Yes, we will prepare a guide on how to do everything.

Financials & Funding

How much equity do you take?

We take 8% equity.

What is your initial investment?

Our initial investment is 15.000€. However, if you need more money, it is available and subject to negotiation.

When will my company get the funds from the initial investment?

We will give you half the money at the start and half after 1 month.

Non-financial offering

What does IBM provide?

IBM provides up to 10.000$ in cloud every month for the first 12 months in the 3 year Global Entrepreneurship Program. This amount can be used in combination for both Softlayer and Bluemix. In addition to this, you can get free licenses from IBM’s software offerings. Also there is an GEP program focused at Analytic where you can get specific licences in the amount up to 150,000 USD. Please visit IBM GEP official page.

What does Microsoft provide?

Microsoft provides its full software package (Windows and Office included).

Are any cars available for use?

We have an automobile partner, and cars can be arranged, if needed.

Is free accommodation available?

Yes. At this moment, we have a location that is only a short drive away from Ljubljana, but we are in the process of arranging an even more convenient option.

Mentors & Program

How many mentors does a team get?

This depends on the stage of development of the team, and its needs. Usually, the number is between three and five.

Are there different types of mentors?

You will be assigned a main mentor, who will be working with you every day. In addition to this, you will have other mentors, who will meet with you as needed (usually once a week).

Mentors are also separated into different fields of expertise.

How does a team choose a mentor?

A team is presented with a list of mentors, and will choose them depending on their needs. There will also be opportunities to meet the mentors, and get to know them. The accelerator staff will also provide suggestions on which mentors would be suitable for which team.

How do I arrange meetings with a mentor?

You will be in direct personal contact with your mentors, and will arrange everything between yourselves.

How much time will mentors invest into their teams?

Everything will be arranged between the mentor and the team. It depends on the team’s needs and the mentor’s availability.

How do I become a mentor?

If you think you are an expert in your field, and wish to give back to the entrepreneurial community, you are invited to contact us!

Only people with real experience enable true growth.

In our mentor network, we are including people who wish to work with startups:

For their personal growth

As an opportunity to network and work with the most ambitious people

Are interested in the newest technology and direct contact with its development

As a chance to invest into companies at the very beginning

To further the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Slovenia and the region

If you find yourself in this description, we are very happy to include you as a mentor.

Are mentors paid for their services?

No. Mentoring work is voluntary.

How can mentors benefit from the programs?

We will organise special mentoring sessions for mentors. The first one will be “Giving and receiving feedback”. All other topics will be chosen based on the wishes and needs of the mentors.

All startup workshops, presentations and lectures will be open to mentors.

They will get the opportunity:

For personal growth

To network and work with the most ambitious people

To be in direct contact with the development of the newest technology

To invest into companies at the very beginning

To further the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Slovenia and the region.

How long is the program?

The length of the accelerator program itself is three months. After this period, teams will be able to stay in the accelerator. During this period, there will be no organised program work, allowing them to focus entirely on their business. The infrastructure and network will stay fully available.

Living & Working

What are the average living expenses in Ljubljana?

Food and Drink

Ćevapi (10) 4,60€

Horse burger 3,50-4,50€

Typical lunch in a restaurant 3,60-7€

1kg of white bread 1,30-2€

1l of milk 0,60-1,20€

Weekly shopping 15-20€

Beer (0,5L) in a bar 1,50-2,50€


Monthly bus ticket 37€

Single bus fare 1,20€


Rent plus expenses (per person per month) 140-200€


Cinema ticket 5-8€

Theatre ticket 15-25€

Indoor karting in BTC City 10€

Mobile phones

Typical package including mobile web 15-20€

Personal grooming

Men’s haircut 8-13€

What facilities are available near the location of the accelerator?

In BTC City, you will find many shops, bars and restaurants to cater to you.

In addition to this, there are:

– A theatre
– Two cinemas
– A fitness center
– A water park
– An indoor sports hall
– Indoor golf
– Indoor karting

Traffic connections to the accelerator:

Distance to some major cities:

– Trieste 98km
– Zagreb 140km
– Venice 245km
– Salzburg 285km
– Vienna 380km
– Munich 400km
– Milan 500km
– Beograd  530km
– Sarajevo 570km
– Air travel:

Distance to Ljubljana International Airport: 25km

Road travel:

BTC City is located 5 minutes off the Ljubljana ring motorway.

Rail travel:

The accelerator is 3km away from the main railway station.

Are the additional 3 months compulsory?

No. You will have everything at your disposal, but you are not obliged to stay. The goal of this period is a global scale-up, so do whatever you think is necessary.

When will the accelerator office be open?

The accelerator offices will be open every day round the clock, except Sundays. On Sundays, afternoon opening can be arranged for week-planning sessions.

Eligibility criteria

How closely must my niche be related to the program topic?

Programs are designed to be topical, both to achieve better knowledge and skills and to enable cooperation between the participating teams.

Are there any preferences depending on company size?

Yes. Companies with paying customers, especially if they are in more than one country, have an advantage in the selection process.

Does that mean that companies in earlier stages are ineligible?

No. We will consider those applications also.

What is the most important criterion a company has to meet to be eligible?

High (global) growth potential.

Do we have to come from South-Eastern Europe only?

No. While we expect most companies to come from South-East, South and East Europe, we will consider other applicants also. If you have a good project, do apply.

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