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By focusing on strong, globally ambitious teams, ABC Accelerator is bringing the best 30 startups to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they test, improve and scale their businesses. “Why Slovenia?” someone may ask. With its diversity, Slovenia represents the ideal testing ground before launching to bigger markets, and top talent is actually accessible in this country with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to sitting at the heart of the county’s exploding startup ecosystem, ABC has offices globally – in 2016, two later stage centers opened in Munich and the Silicon Valley, further helping ABC startups to succeed in the global race.

In Ljubljana, even ABC’s location speaks for itself: positioned in the heart of the fastest growing  trade center – BTC – startups have direct access to the best testing market with more than 4.500 stores and 22 million visitors every year!

The Selected teams will join our 3+3 month intensive program in the country known for being “just one phone call away from anyone, including the president”. The whole ABC team will take your challenges personally and will work 1-on-1 with you, and the same applies to your mentors and coaches. Expect to change and to work hard. We want you to be ready for clients, investors, and the Demo Day, where we will take you to both Silicon Valley and Germany.

Are you ready to the accelerator who takes it personally? APPLY and join our global family and become a part of the ALUMNI network.

Meet the ABC Accelerator

Now that you’ve decided that you are ready to scale up your business, let’s introduce you to the accelerator’s 3 + 3 month program! Since our main dedication is to prove and adapt your business model and validate your product, we will put our highest efforts to pick the best partners and mentors for you during this time of metamorphosis.

The growth program

Habits change into character. We will challenge you. We will change you. When the growth program starts (and it starts with the day you’ve applied) the ABC Accelerator is mix and matching, trying to create the bridge between you and the industry. The industry that is usually out of reach when you are starting on your own. With over 150 + mentors and our ever-growing international investor network, we are preparing you for investment. And we want you to be ready to take over the market.

The Process and how to apply

Ok, at this point you are eager to join, but let’s check the process that will push you to the next level. Each team will undergo the same application process, and when selected, the show will begin. Until then – the paperwork. Fun Fact: Did you know that we are the only accelerator in the world providing FREE housing for foreign teams?

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