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The first step is to apply. We suggest you to apply as soon as you are positive that you are ready to undergo this business- and life-changing program.  Success consists of hard work and dedication, and we are expecting to see that in you. Your team must be ready, and function well as a group. You must know how to cope with stress, so it´s advised to gather your team wisely. You must be willing to learn and to be proactive. The second step is to wait. We will conduct Skype calls if our selection committee sees a great deal of potential in your product. The best among you will be invited to the selection days in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After the selection phase, we will invite you to move in to the ABC´s apartments. We will discuss details and take care of your stay.

Acceleration phase

The first 3 months are dedicated to adapting your business model, building the strategy, validating everything on the testing market and connecting with the enterprise world. During the program, you will work hard and basically live in the accelerator. You will absorb knowledge and gain all the necessary skills to be the best startup you can be. In addition to that, you will also train to run a good business. We promise it will pay off.

From the very first selection stage, we will begin searching for the right business partners for you. We will come prepared starting from day one, already presenting you to several companies. They can take you under their wing and help you fly. We will train you for negotiating with investors. That´s why we choose only those for whom we hold high hopes. In return, we expect dedication and hard work. We do have fun as well and we often organize team building activities. We take care of you and we give you freedom. But we know when is the time to work, and when is the time to play.

We advise you to quit other activities, such as part time studying or other obligations during this 3 months process.


The times when you had to go from one workshop to other, traveling to other locations, paying costly lectures is over. We bring all of that to your doorstep at ABC. Our mentors come from the international ranks of seasoned CEOs, young successful entrepreneurs, geeky hackers, public servants – they are the best at what they do and they have industry-specific experience. Combined together, they cover every area there is. Mentors are your road to success.

The knowledge they pass on you is worth the most. They will guide your good idea to a successful product. They have seen it all before. They know the industry.  Mentors will work directly with you, and even lift you up when times are tough and boost you when success starts. You are getting more than just a mentor. You are getting a friend, that you´ll most likely never forget.

The perfect testing market

The market is the true judge of business and the real accelerator starts outside of the office. Here our location comes in handy. We are located in the middle of a unique testing grounds. Our location is in the largest retail, entertainment, business, and logistics center in South-East Europe. BTC City is our gold partner who sees more than 21 million visitors every year. The real value is having direct access to any customer, business, or logistics partner. In this environment, you can start getting some serious traction.

Later, go outside into the ideal first proving ground – the Slovenian market is just small enough to be manageable and diverse enough to be representative. You will find people who are early adopters, and people whom you will have to work hard to convince. This is the minimum reference market for your minimum viable product. Take advantage of that. Everything is in reach and more and more international investors are aware of it.

Demo day

Or as we call it, the “D” day. At this stage, your product has been validated on the market, you are gaining traction, and the engine is running. You are ready for the biggest event of the accelerator program. You have worked hard for this day, and in the last stage, repeated your pitch on an almost daily basis.

You are ready and you are unstoppable. You enter the room and there they are: The most important global investors, VCs, and big corporations, all together – for you. It’s time to shine. They came in to hear your pitch. You will be able to gain an investment, inside connections, and even the first major partner or business deal. Your whole Accelerator experience summed up in this last day. But you have the secret weapon: We got your back. And you know what, we got your back in Silicon Valley, Germany, Slovenia, and starting in 2017 – Chile and Bangalore, India. You will be able to pitch the pitch at any of these location.

Business scale-up phase

What now? The pitch is over, the investors are here and you have to carry on with your company. Most accelerators end on demo day and then you are on your own. At ABC accelerator, we are well aware that the true journey has only begun. Our program does not end here.

Demo Day is the actual beginning of phase 2: the next three months!

Every team will be able to stay at ABC Accelerator, and take the full advantage of our international supporters. Now you can decide where to go next and if you have some doubts, you can discuss them with us. We have a strong global network of partners so we can take you anywhere – East or West. We have direct access to the vast, tech-hungry Chinese market, and IBM’s 42 innovation centers located across all continents. Our bridge to the USA with newly opened offices in Silicon Valley. Or Munich office has links to major companies in all industries. We have a very strong bond with big business and corporations.

Both IBM and Microsoft support us. You will work with corporations from the start of a program and they will help you succeed.

If you solve relevant problems, the sky is the limit.

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