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3rd program: Commercial Tech

ABC presents the finest of the finest, the champion among its accelerator programs: Commercial Tech.

Innovative forms of ecommerce, and tech for disrupting the traditional commerce. Our experience and strong ties to the ecommerce, commerce, and logistics industries mean that we can offer you world-class knowledge and connections.

With the third program, ABC Accelerator is carving out a new niche. Startups from the new program are a part of the big movement that we defined as Commercial Tech. Commercial Tech represents the champion among ABC programs. Through our co-founders, ABC-Accelerator gives you access to the biggest e-commerce platform in South-East Europe, you can breathe among over 4.500 stores and tens of thousands of shoppers at our location – and you get a link to the biggest retailer in Europe, Lidl!

Commercial tech is strongly connected with insurance and mobile security segments, so there is a strong support from our partners and investors, Triglav group, the leading insurance-financial group in Slovenia and the Adria region, and one of the leaders in South-East Europe.

Within Commercial Tech, we are connect the startups with industry specific mentors and professionals in all the relevant fields. We invited startups from all around the world to join us on the Commercial Tech wagon!

Do you need corporations to make it? No problem. We’re working with the big guys in IT – IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, AWS – and they will connect you to anyone you need (they also provide our startups free services such as cloud and licenses). IBM even offers access to its 42 innovation centers to our startups, you can use them to spread into new markets.

We personally selected each of our new startups and took them into our new program, in order to find, create and push the new ideas forward.

2nd program: Smart living & health

If you have developed solutions that will enable Smart Living & Health solutions of the future, you should apply.

We are looking for young companies which already have a product and gained some traction. It is important for us that you already have a client or a proof of concept. Because only then, we can really help you accelerate your business.

The program will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and you will have to spend at least 3 months there. Ljubljana is a beautiful, young & dynamic city – you will definitely enjoy the time here.

Subtopics in this program include Smart home, Automated living, Smart mobility, Smart Retail, Open data, Internet of Things, M2M solutions, Smart connections, Smart energy, Smart lighting, Smart building, Health, Fitness solutions, Medicine, etc. Other topics targeting Smart Living & Health can also be considered.

First, we expect you to apply to our call for project. If selected, we will ask you to move your office to ABC accelerator in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for a period of three months – and additional three months if you choose to do so. There, you will participate in our educational and mentorship programs and take advantage of our international partner network. Most importantly, we will focus your efforts to growing your business. We will systematically help you remove all obstacles that could slow your expansion.

We will help you obtain all resources that your business needs for accelerated growth. We will:

  • invest equity capital,
  • help you find new partners in new markets to boost your expansion,
  • provide you with knowledge to help you manage your growing business,
  • focus your commitment solely to the growth of your business.

For more info about ABC and our teams please check out our f6s page:

1st program: Smart cities

Smart cities, a vision of the future. If you are not solving something or making someone life easier, it´s not worth it. We had that in mind when selecting our start up teams. Our teams are on the mission to make cities “smarter”. With their food waste, water consuming, communication problems solutions, they are one step closer to make our world a better place.

Subtopics that we are working on ,such as Smart home, Automated living, Smart mobility, Smart parking, Smart Retail, Open data, Internet of Things, M2M solutions and so on, have great values in today´s society. We are well aware of what is needed today, and we are trying to find the right companies that can bring that ideas to life.

Let us introduce our startups and their smart cities solution.

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