Bubbles is a location-based messaging app that allows users to chat with businesses nearby. People, local groups and communities but also local stores, shops, pop-up stores and event organizers can all chat together in their immediate area. It aims at putting in at stimulating local economy through conversational commerce.


People’s channel of choice is Messaging, so why can’t we message local businesses just as easily as we do friends & family?

Competitive Advantage

Bubbles is the simplest way to reach out local businesses. It is designed for public group chat rather than 1to1 communication and it uses social networks accounts to log in, hence the discussion quality is much higher than with existing local chat apps. Local merchants chat only with prospects in their catchment area, thus with a high conversion rate.

Market Opportunity

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks in monthly active users. New powerful ecosystems are created, called OTT2 (twice over-the-top) as they are built on top of telco services and on top of app platforms. These ecosystems are shifting to conversational commerce in Europe and in the US. But at the moment there aren’t many ways for local merchants to advertise online, and conversational commerce offers focus on brands rather than local businesses.

Moreover pop-up stores are flourishing everywhere and they need to engage quickly with people in their catchment area.

Freemium Business Model

● Free for individuals

● Local merchants will be charged for premium features

The free offering is in the center of the Bubbles ecosystem. It convinces users in the service quality and converts them to ambassadors. It encourages new and creative uses of Bubbles and stimulates local discussions and activities.

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