Canelio: is a smart device that will transform the training of your dog into a mobile game.

Canelio is the smartest and most effective way to train your dog today. Based entirely on positive training methods it acts as an universal communication tool between you and your furry pet. You can have your own dog-fluent private trainer with you wherever you are, watching you with guidance and improvements every step of the wayWith Countless videos and Personalized training guide we are determined to help everyone have a proud canine citizen.

 Consisting out of two parts: a physical device (clicker) and a mobile app, Canelio will transform your dog’s training into a mobile game. Motivation is a crucial part of every training, so don’t just have an educated and happy pet; let your dog become a level 73 Puppy Sergeant with 12 achievements. Level up your pet with Canelio.

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