Mogy is a specialized B2B SaaS app solution for personal trainers and their athlete clients.

It provides a powerful and unifying experience in communicating and managing workout plans between trainers and clients. With Mogy, trainers save time (even to 3x less shown from a couple of our clients) and earn more money.

Athletes are happier while their progress and statistics is easily tracked by their personal trainer. This way everyone is performing better, using less apps and various tools to do their workout tasks. Mogy is pushing trainers and athletes beyond their physical limits! Here at Mogy, we strongly believe that this is the next big step in the multibillion dollar business of fitness and thats what we want to see from our clients and You.

Personal trainers today have a common problem in their everyday work – they spend too much time in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, email, SMS, Skype and Viber messages and other various tools to perform their everyday job. This is a very time consuming, distracting and cumbersome process.

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