QubeMe: Industry–specific pre-build Conversations powering Virtual Assistants and Intelligent Bots across Web, Mobile and Messaging.

Build with Domain expertise QubeMe powered bots and virtual assistants are well versed in your business whether that is Finance, Commerce or any other Industry.

QubeMe pre-build Conversations enables enhanced experience for your customers that is extensible across channels for a seamless with either Text or Voice.

QubeMe enables your Virtual Assistants and Intelligent bots with its prebuild conversation for each Industry, business and Applications to understand thousands of diverse requests, solve problems and predict needs of your customers and Users Quickly-. Whether your enterprise is retail, insurance, healthcare, travel or transportation QubeMe can be fluent in your domain.

MyBanQ is a prebuild conversations for banks. MyShopBaQ is a prebuild conversations for Shopping Malls.

Talk to us to help your customer to know and use your product and Services in a Natural Conversation Way. We help you end-to-end to take the advantage of new channel (Messaging) while you grow you core business!.

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