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A smart online tool for sale acceleration of overstocked goods with short expiry date and services

Product Description

Storage management and disposal of unsold goods and services present unnecessary cost to a company. Our solution accelerates the sale of overstocked goods by connecting producers with potential customers through a fully serviced B2B sales channel. Our platform features a unique algorithm which provides users with business intelligence insights to strategically convert goods with limited expiry date into income.

Target Customers

Warehouses, food store chains and distributors.

Key Benefits

  • Different approaches are possible with our smart and futuristic solution:
  • sale of overstocked goods at a discounted
  • sale of last minute offers (to reduce wasted
  • sale of unused energy or utilities in a closed circle B2B market
  • enables real-time communication between partners
  • connects producers with potential customers
  • reduces marketing costs and increases potential market size
  • reduces costs of disposal of unsold goods

600 mio

tons of food is wasted after production

340 billion $

of wasted groceries

10% savings

in wasted groceries

This represents

60 million tons of food

This is exactly like saving

328,767,123 meals

Smart Futuristic is in the process of forming a strategic partnership with the BTC Logistic center as the first implementer of the solution. However, the product is designed to be easily adapted for others such as food producers, food store chains and distributors.

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