Retail in Covid era

Partner: BTC

The retailers today are racing through some unimaginable territories of consumer demands, making stops at unrecognized needs. The landscape of the retail market is transitory and has been snowballing ahead along with the new technological innovations like AR, VR, and artificial intelligence, to expand their consumer base, and simultaneously position themselves as a unique brand. The future sectors that we will focus on are also robotics, anti-fraud tools, virtual/digital assistants, mobile payments, self-checkout and mapping store traffic.


Partner: Triglav

Insurance | Smart home | Artficial Intelligence | Health | Micro mobilty | Life insurance

Future of online shopping

Partner: EnaA

EnaA team has been developing eCommerce solutions for over 20 years and have supported over 20 startups. The company offers know-how support, testing on their platform and investment. They are looking for innovations related to Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, payments, shipping and digital sense.


Partner: ABC Tech

The technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Automation of investments, insurance, trading, banking services and risk management.

Corporate match making

Startups pride themselves on speed, innovation and risk-taking, but often have difficulty scaling. Without consumers to test ideas, products, and solutions, startups risk building the wrong product. A fast track into experienced pools of executives who know the space, provide valuable feedback, and have user groups ready to trial products and services is a huge benefit. Our corporate-startup matchmaking program will help you navigate the corporate jungle to make sure you get the best from both worlds.

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