When approaching Slovenes, you can easily identify the common adjective by which they identify their country – small. But from the business perspective: this is not a bad thing, especially for start-up companies, and many would agree.

Slovenia is the best market for your product, it is one of the best places to develop it, get meaningful feedback and provide the initial set-up needed to expand it to bigger markets.

In order to further that cause, we have established an elaborate ecosystem on all levels. The solid foundations of it are represented by ABC’s mentoring & partnership network, which is of crucial importance since after the three-month program, start-ups can continue to acquire knowledge. ABC’s partners serve as extra help in decision-making and with their support the start-ups also connect with corporations, venture capital funds, business angels, etc.

They can prove valuable for start-up companies that have just properly begun their path to success, for it enables them to test their product, both online & offline: Real-life testing of your solutions in BTC shopping city with 22 million visitors per year and on the web shop EnaA.com, the very first and largest e-commerce platform).

If your start-up, for example, is solving a business problem by inventing an entirely new technology, it can prove to be a very expensive venture.

With our partnerships, however, we make sure that your product is going to be put through extensive testing. If you, for example, created a new autonomous vehicle system, our partners at BTC City might arrange to have it tested on one of its streets. That way we could see if the product actually works in real life and get immediate customer feedback, providing real data as your start-up gets ready for the streets of a real city.

The reality is, that the people given the chance to participate in the testing can be the best judges to deem if the solution to the problem is interesting, useful or nothing at all. This also enables us to elaborate on it, improve the product and mercilessly test it again.

Thus we have created an ecosystem that works as an enormous melting pot of many different equations. That being said, we also invest a significant amount of effort into being omnipresent in the area. This way we attract foreign investors as well, paving the way for our start-ups wish to enter the global market.