Beyond Seen Screen

Beyond Seen Screen application ExRey is changing the way you watch TV

They are co-operating with telecommunication giants T2 and Telekom as well as with the leading advertising agency in Slovenia, Pristop.

Their solution is opening new marketing channels on the second screen and enables the precise recognition of video content and connects the user to basic information on content, apps and promotional material.


Marketing agencies see the platform as the holy grail of video advertisement.

Beyond Seen Screen wants even more as they are also focusing on the fast growth of their movie and video database inside the app. They would like to present the app to the world as a video version of Shazam.


  • Beyond Seen Screen signed a contract with Croatia’s RTL
  • They are cooperating with T2 and Telekom
  • They are in partnership with Slovenia’s leading marketing agency, Pristop
  • A1 Croatia confirmed pilot project
  • Planet TV confirmed pilot project