Making P2P Transactions Better. IQID is your Digital Business Card that you share with others to build trust and transparency with others.  We verify your government ID, include your social networks, digitize your business card, add P2P payments and match you with others, all in one, easy-to share web profile.

Click here for an example: IQID Digital Business Card (DBC)

Founded by two German engineers, Solopex d.o.o. leverages the power of the cloud to bring fully automated and individually customized IT solutions to the manufacturing industry. With Solopex optimization solutions, clients have the power to solve machine scheduling, production planning, and other complex problems at the push of a button. All Solopex products are designed as cloud-based on-demand services in order to ensure seamless transitions and maximum flexibility.

The mission of Solopex is to make their solutions available to industrial manufacturers of any size, simple to use, and at a minimum level of expenses and risk. This distinguishes them from IT service providers focused on more traditional software products and technologies. Manufacturing will get smarter and smarter, and Solopex cloud services get you started today rather than tomorrow.