Violanto builds artificial intelligence for eCommerce. 97.7% of shoppers leave sites without buying , the only effective way to increase low conversion is to give control to AI technology. Our system collects market data from millions of  data-point, and through customer behavior to determine which products are in demand today.

Subsequently our modules on partner online shops are in action in real-time – order of products is changed, prices adjusted, marketing campaign launched. Increase in conversion is immediate. Process is automated and efficient. The future of eCommerce is in AI solutions without doubt.

Experienced team of 6 from Australia, Serbia & China. Dean, CEO & Founder has 16 years experience in eCommerce and media, leading companies with over $60M in yearly revenue.


Strengths of Violanto system:

  • Unique AI solution for 100B Euro eCommerce market
  • Compatible with all existing eCommerce platforms
  • Focus on action – immediate increase in conversion and sales
  • Tested and validated technology applicable to all eCommerce verticals
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