“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Matthew 18:20

Here we are.

It´s the 9th of December but it already looks and feels like Christmas. The radio plays “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra, accompanied by the sound of tape and scissors. Otherwise it would be an unusual addition to the song but today is a special day. We gathered our startups, business partners, mentors and friends in the happy surroundings of the ABC HUB. Even Santa and the elves were here, helping with the gift wrapping for families in need.

Many families see this time of year with anxiety, unsure if they will be able to provide something, anything for their children. We wanted to reach out and put a smile on their faces. So there we were, each of us got a few things children can´t say no to, like toys and candies, but we also had in mind that these families have toddlers, so we advised others to bring necessities such as bottles, diapers, and baby clothes. It´s a great time of the year to remind ourselves there´s strength in unity and together, we can reach further. At ABC, we are well aware that we wouldn´t be where we are without this amazing collaboration with our partners, who also came there to help us with the wrapping, bringing the gifts. The pleasant smell of cinnamon, pancakes and hot tea filled the space. That’s how it is when one of your partner is Lidl, always taking care for that special something wherever we go. This time, they made sure that we feel like the kids on Christmas Eve, even though it’s only the 9th of December. But hey, that’s what we all are even when we grow up: just kids. Kids who somehow learned how to behave in public. And as kids we must never forget the need to help. The urge to make others happy. Not just today. Not just for Christmas, but every day of the year.

We must give our special thanks to Manca Mueller, who gave the initiative to put the event together. Looking at those 77 gifts under the tree that will soon enough end up under the Christmas trees of 77 families around Slovenia and make them happy, we concluded the event was more than successful and we will definitely hold it next year as well.

Our Graphic designer had happiness in mind when he slipped into the Santa suit, jumping around and making everyone laugh. We all agreed that we could never be angry with him, if he always wore that suit. What, you missed the job because you overslept for the 10th time in a row? Its ok, you have a Santa suit! So, you don´t feel like working? That´s ok, look at that Santa suit of yours, awww. Anyway, you got the point. The suit stays, so it´s safe to say: we will have Christmas every day here in ABC.

So as the event was approaching its end, and we realized that all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you, as far as our startups are concerned, all that Pointme, Sportly, Kripto, Moj Budget, Mogy, Dentem, AppRay, Homey, Nervteh and VisMedic want for Christmas is for everybody to be prosperous and happy. And probably – to get that investment they need. Santa will be sooo busy.

Happy Holidays!

Photos by: Siniša Kanižaj/ABC


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