Startup Roles II – What even is a startup CMO?

We continue our explorations of roles & responsibilities. Previously we explored the role of CTO within young startups. Today startup CMO’s came into our figurative crosshairs. Do you even need a marketing officer? Well, by now you probably know what we’re going to say. That’s right, it depends! For most we recommend hiring a marketing […]

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First-Timers in Silicon Valley: The Most Important Take-Away is to Start to Think Big!

Silicon Valley is the place to be for every entrepreneur eager to learn from the best. Each year it proves that it is the start-up mecca, with more than a third of all of the start-up investments in the US happening there. In addition, with tech giants just around the corner, who wouldn’t want to […]

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Guest blog: How to Successfully Sell Online after Google changed

If your sales figures mainly depend on Google, Facebook, and various advertising networks, you’ve hit a dead end. Even if an average 2% of clicks end up converted to sales (not a bad result), taking into account an average price of $ 0.15 per click (also not a bad price), the cost of advertising with […]

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