While business acceleration is a modern term, it has existed in various forms since the dawn of trade. In the last decades, it has gained significant momentum, due to the age we live in offering many young entrepreneurs the chance to start and scale their business ideas, at an unprecedented level.

In order to explain what business acceleration is, let’s assume a likely scenario of every young start-up. Someone in a group of friends has gotten an idea out of the blue, an idea that just might work. They assemble a team, start working on a prototype and even register their company. The process so far may well be the most blissful and optimistic part in starting a start-up. All effort is concentrated on the development of the minimal viable product, while market research is most likely vague to non-existent.

Yet somehow, everybody in the team is content, working and quoting the Dalai Lama “there is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.

ABC accelertor startups

After this stage, the first problems arise, even if the team has managed to develop the minimal viable product. The thing is that the protagonists of the story cannot know how the market is going to react to the product or service they are offering. Customer feedback has been limited to a small circle within family and friends, and as such, it isn’t representable. When sales aren’t boosting, they try to make an impression on the relevant characters in the industry, only to realize how hard it is to approach them.

By doubling down on marketing activities & repositioning their product to fit their client base, they push through, starting to acquire early adopter type clients, industry feedback and perhaps even seed investment. Motivation again rises as revenue grows, but now this young business must face different challenges.

Hiring new talent, organizing teams, fostering growth, long-term marketing, and development strategies etc. They are now becoming a scale-up and it’s time for serious business.

Navigating this change can prove difficult for some, and there is only one proper and thorough way – joining an accelerator.

Our goal is to build your business, help you attract new investors, close sales, lead your team and accelerate your growth.

While we cannot design and deliver the product for you, we can guide you through market research methodologies, find business mentors, that have faced similar problems & help you meet your client’s needs. At ABC Accelerator, we achieve that by providing a tailor-made approach, choosing industry-specific mentors and plenty of business connections – all in order to make your business investment ready.

The whole process takes roughly three months, during which you will take a dedicated spot in our offices in Ljubljana. We provide you with state-of-the-art workspaces, including meeting rooms and lecture rooms when needed.

ABC Accelerator startups

You will be guided by mentors, make connections with investors from all around the world and have a chance to test your product in the BTC cities 5100 businesses and millions of consumers.

At this point you might be thinking “okay that’s great but how on earth can we afford to move to Ljubljana and living there?” In order to address this, we offer you a 25.000 EUR convertible loan. This is more than enough to survive and cover accommodation, living expenses, and business travel. After the program, we convert the loan into 8% of your company equity.

The application process for the next acceleration program is open now and will last until 17h December. You are invited to apply within this time frame, we would like to stress that the sooner you do it, the better chances you have for getting into our program. The reason for this is simple –at the moment we still have the possibility to do a thorough investigation into your company and get the insight to your possibilities.

You will also improve your chances of being selected if your start-up is compliant with our main strategic partners. These cover wide areas of business, such as e-commerce (EnaA), logistics and trade (BTC), energy (Petrol), communications (Telekom) and insurance (Triglav).

In order to apply, you only need to carefully fill up the application form on our website: