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“The biggest thing out there has to do with our ability to change,” said Patrick Cowden, initiator of the BEYOND LEADERSHIP ideology, in an interview in this issue of Restart. Cowden believes that the capability to change has to be embedded in an organization’s DNA.

And whilst on the subject of changes, there has also been one in ABC Accelerator. As the recently appointed executive director of ABC Accelerator in Slovenia, I can promise that our team will follow its ambitions in delivering forward the best start-ups and pushing on those that need us. Since ABC has just celebrated its third birthday, I am pleased to be able to share a few figures achieved in these three years in our own start-up world: 7 acceleration programmes for start-ups, 5 programmes for enterprises, 92 accelerated start-ups (and counting) that have raised EUR 30 million, the organisation of more than 15 hackathons – Slovenian and international, an office in Silicon Valley – the cradle of the startup world, and amazing people and business partners, including Patrick Cowden as well as our other interviewee Andy Baynes – a former executive at Apple, Nest, Google, and an investor in innovation and start-ups, now also an ABC mentor – to whom we talked about the ruling businesses of the future.

However, changes are arising in many areas (see the infographics on the next page), therefore we have also prepared an article about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which should be of great interest to those startups who focus their businesses on big data. And we are passing on some hot tips for start-ups directly from Silicon Valley, while we also got two very successful startups – one from Europe and another that does business in the U.S. – to share with us their experiences in the Startup Spotlight.

We also made a brief leap over to ‘the other side’ to check out one of the biggest companies in South East Europe – BTC – which, together with its daughter company AV Living Lab, plans to re-innovate future mobility and it revealed how they plan to include start-ups in this futuristic story. Of course, we haven’t completely forgotten about blockchain and its connection to cybersecurity, and you can also read some interesting facts about ‘good old co-working space’.

And last but not least, we encourage you to not only visit some of the top start-up events in 2018 but also challenge you to read this issue of Restart from cover to cover. As one of the ABC start-ups said not long ago: “Reading a paper magazine is cool, cause it’s retro.” So, why not start reading more for starters?

Urška Jež, Executive Director and Co-founder of Acceleration Business City

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