“Rise and shine darling, It´s six o clock in the morning! Time to conquer the world!”

as if the man himself, motivational speaker Les Brown, was talking to me as I was trying to shush the alarm clock. I was lying there, battling my inner Les, trying to get in touch with my inner more, I couldn´t help but think about the new challenges arising today. Today isn´t just another day. Today is the day, when am officially starting my “trial” at the ABC Accelerator. Woaaah, what´s that you say? You work for CERN? (Particle accelerator) – Some people would think. But only people who are not you. Because you know what ABC is. But, for those of you who don´t, ABC Accelerator is a company that connects the global marketplace for innovation to one of the biggest commercial centers in Europe and creates an environment for ambitious young companies (I copy/pasted that from their fb official page).


If I was describing ABC with my own words, I would say that ABC is a kick ass company that enables young entrepreneurs to find their voice. It´s a company that helps them succeed in the tough market, arming them with support and knowledge.  And, the last but not the least, ABC is a company that has a really nice sand garden in the hallway. What, I am a visual kind of person! “Trial-ing” (invented a word there) as a Creative Director! I am currently involved with another company as well, so this is a trial to see whether there will be some future collaborations. I believe that this week will be a great experience, so I am eager to share it with you guys!

So, I got up, got myself ready, had a healthy breakfast and got there at 7:45, feeling good about myself for showing up 15 minutes early on my first day. But as I was entering the building…. “Oh no, I am late!” The thing about start-ups is that, they really strive to make the best out of their time, so there is no 8:00-16:00 work schedule. These people are here from 6 o´clock in the morning, working hard to help the young start-ups succeed. I got just in time to enter the daily meeting routine. I am keen to listen to power phrases/motivation early in the morning.

So when CEO Dejan Roljic said:

“who´s burned out? – I thought I am in for some pep talk. But the follow up:” If you are not, you are not going to make it!”

made me realize that I am in the right place to learn all there is to know about business and dedication. I myself am a well-disciplined person when it comes to work. But I believe that here I will be stepping up my game.

ABC is currently working on 8 start-ups. I´ve introduced myself to each of the teams today, but in the following days, I would like to introduce you to those teams. I want you to see what I saw when I first met them. Their business side and their human side. Never forget the human side J.

As far as I am concerned, this could be fun. For me and for you as well. Stay tuned so I can keep you posted about the “Adventures at the Accelerator”. Sounds like a title for the new movie. Maybe this stories will inspire some aspiring writer. Maybe, just maybe. You never know. But let´s stay focused on what´s important here:  pretending to work while surfing on facebook. Just joking. They pay me for that as well.

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