Second week:

Yes, yes, we´ve made it! By we, I mean me and my split personality. Just kidding, I was talking about my Entrepreneur self, which I didn´t even know exists! When you get accelerated, many things come to the surface. Good things as well as the things that might catch you off guard, giving you the opportunity to get to know the real you. It´s a challenge in a way, because it might push you over your limits, but at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to grow. I would like to talk to you about that in a little while, but in the meanwhile, as I already wrote in my previous blog, I am currently collaborating with ABC as a Creative Designer and PR. It´s a good fit for me since I am surrounded with the most creative thinkers around. And you have to be creative when you work on so many projects as these people do! There are 8 teams currently start-uping at the ABC (another word invention of mine), and well, someone has to coordinate that! Someone like Urška.

My first impression about our COO Urška was, while she was explaining how she is able to run the Job, be effective and sleep for 5 hours top per day (we are talking about the less busy day)  was: girl, how do you look so good? I was trying to picture myself after 5h of sleep or less, running around in heels and being successful on meetings. Can I just go to bed and repeat the day? Thank you! I think that women all around the world deserve a round of applause.  Ours at the ABC are pretty much amazing. Here they are on the picture, our Female Mafia posing with our CEO Dejan. He must be so unhappy, you can tell by his big smile.


Now let´s go back a bit when I was talking about the things coming to the surface, acceleration process, something, something… Oh, yes! I´ve spend some more time this week with the teams, and the reason I´ve started writing in that tone is because I´ve realised that, when you sign up for this Acceleration experience, you have to be 100% COMMITED! It´s like a marriage, but instead of one partner, you get partnered up with 11 of ABC team members, over 120 mentors and if you are really attractive, you get more than one sponsor. By attractive I mean for business. How attractive is your company for potential investors. When writing this, I must say I feel a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio in the “Wolf of the wall street” movie. But with less parties, women and pretty much everything. On a second thought, I actually don´t feel like Leo.

So this week I will be introducing the first 4 start-up teams to you. I must say that I´ve recognized some great qualities among them. Most of them have already been working together, so they are well aware of their characteristics in a way that they complement each other. The team leaders are focused, determined and at ABC, they learn how to motivate their teams. Overall, it´s a great vibe when you enter the building. A creative, busy one. They say that it is important who you surround yourself with, what kind of books you read, whom you follow. That´s why I believe that this program is essential if you wish to succeed in the business as a start up. As Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker once said, “You Are Average of the Five People You Spend Most Time With. If I wanted to find out how much income you earned, all I had to do was take the average income of your five closest friends and that would be your income!”. Makes you think, doesn´t it.

Now let´s present the 1st four via GIFs.


TRAVELSTARTER, a crowdfunding platform for tourism. They enabled new way of funding in the industry and combined with traditional ways of booking.



Styliff! These guys are taking shopping to the next level! They developed an app that helps you try on clothes in a virtual store, simply by taking two photos of yourself!  Trying on clothes was never more fun and easy.



SMART FUTURISTIC, solving world food waste by selling food that is actually still good! Eco-friendly and smart solution, truly someone to keep an eye on.


MOVEO, I actually really like this one. Since we are in the era of smartphones, computers, video games, we tend to move less. This app is interactive and it solves this problem on fun way. Take a look –

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