We invest in people, who will make it happen.

Stay focused, stay humble, always hustle.

ABC’s personal approach guides you.

From stage zero to stage hero.

It’s more than acceleration. It’s a movement.

Join our global family.


"Investors: Meet&Match with the most promising startups, approved and accelerated by ABC. Let's make your investment worthwhile!"

"If you guys are going to take this program the way you have it, transplant it into San Francisco and combine that, you guys would be the number one accelerator.“

Sosa Sazesh, Growth Pilots

ABC’s First Growth is more than just a VC fund.
We recognize the most ambitious companies and we support them during the dry times when others in the round are slow to move.


It’s the startup era, and even though it’s easy to get the data, it’s also easy to get lost in the sea of information, buzz words, accelerators, co-workings, conferences… It’s getting harder for accelerators out there to differentiate their offer from the competition. In the end, isn’t it all the same? You go through the program, get the knowledge and hopefully, get the investment. Right? Hopefully. At the ABC Accelerator we don’t believe in hope. We believe in hard work and making it happen. And we take it personally. Our family approach makes us unique and recognizable, but it also makes us trustworthy; not just to you, the startups, but also to the investors. When we take you in, we have your back, and we guarantee for you.

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